Our New Home!!! 13356 SW Macbeth Drive, Tigard, Oregon

Our home from Start to Finish.... (Updated!! on September 17, 2006)


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Since we've been going to see our house practically every day, we decided to put up some pictures showing everyone how our little baby is growing up!

Pre-Phase! By popular demand, I've included a floor plan and a picture of what the whole thing should look like.


1874 B Elevationfrom the front 

from the back


1874 Floorplanfloor plan


Phase Zero! In the beginning there was a spot (this spot actually), and then there was some wood for a house...

Phase One! Put wood together....


Phase Two! Take a picture of the house with our car beside it, and install the siding, shingles, windows, furnace, and put the door on....

Phase Three! Add some color! If you've ever wondered what "Desert Fox" brown looks like, here you go. It's coming along nicely.

The back...


 Phase Three-Point-Two-Five! The driveway phase, street shots, and more interior pictures. I had no idea that this phase would coincide with the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Go Korea!

Phase Four! Put a tree in the front yard and add some drywall on the inside...

Features the new tree  This is where our kitchen will be

 Our fireplace!

Our entry way

Phase Five! Add a deck and put in the counters. I had no idea that these steps were going to be done in tandem.

 Phase Six! Dress it with some brick. 


 Phase Seven! It's ours! Get the keys and tear it up.


Phase Eight! Get the wood for the new wood floors, twice, and make sure that it is way broken and destroyed when it gets there.