•      Professional Background: Write one or more paragraphs in which you explain your educational and professional background. Include links to the high schools, colleges, and universities you have attended. Identify degrees earned and the fields of study in which they were obtained.
        Diploma                                North Hollywood High School                1981                                        www.nhhs.net
        B.A. in Music                        UCLA                                                  1984                                        www.ucla.edu
       Teaching Credential            CSUN                                                  2013                                      www.csun.edu

    • Teaching: Explain how you became interested in education as a career, and describe the classes and levels you teach or would like to teach.

        Teaching comes so naturally to me that I am often teaching someone without realizing I'm teaching them.  I have been a professional musician all my adult life, and I have also taught music in a conservatory (in a non-credentialed capacity).  In 2010 I decided to shift my teaching emphasis to Science, and in 2011 I entered CSUN's Teaching Credential program to become a credentialed science teacher.

  • Interests and Hobbies: Describe your interests and hobbies. You can provide links to your favorite sports teams or organizations.

I have sung for the Los Angeles Master Chorale and LA Opera

  • Contact Information: Include your email address.
Geoffrey Alch
15061 Sherman Way #F
Van Nuys, CA 91405-5005
h (818) 780-8676 / c (818) 648-5889
  • Photographs: include a photograph of yourself. This should appear professional.  See photo above.

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