If you are here, it means you're probably interested in the robot I am making.

My name is Geoff Turman, and my robot's name is PB99.

PB99 is a party robot! PB can recognize different beers, which upon detection will invoke a unique reaction. Partybot expresses emotions with a bright LED array and actuated head movements.


My philosophy behind PB99 is taking the opportunity to use a class project to create a platform able channel my interest in robotics. The "99" in Partybot's name could mean "party like it's 1999," but perhaps it might also signify "99 bottles of beer on the wall," or maybe even "99 problems."

PB99 v1.1 coming soon!

Here is PB99 v1.0:

Here is a baby picture of PB (v0.1):