Science Ed Resources

Science Education Resources
  • STEM in California (report from CDE)
  • NGSS This is the National version of NGSS
  • NGSS- California California version of NG
  • SciEd blog- personal blog to repost pertinent science education and other education information
  • CSTA- the California Science Teacher Association - The California Science Teachers Association web page, a resource for collaboration, contacts, lessons, mentoring, science education policy updates and more! 
  • DLESE - The Digital Library for Earth Systems Education: A peer-reviewed online resource for Earth Science lesson Resources.  Includes labs, lessons, demos- searchable by grade level, by lesson type.
  • NSTA - The National Science Teachers Association web page, a national resource for collaborations, contacts, lessons and more.
  • NESTA- The National Earth Science Teachers' Association web page, a resource for Earth Science teachers for lessons, research and contacts.
  • New York Science Teachers' web page - A great resource for labs, movie notes and other science lessons, from a state with great Earth Science standards.
  • National Association of Geoscience Teachers' -  Professional organization for geoscience teachers, providing resources, publications, and education policy updates.
  • Education Weekly - An online journal that provides education policy updates, research in education reports, and tools for all teachers.
  • ASCD - An educational leadership organization  that provides educational research and policy updates.
  • AP Central - The site for anything concerning AP courses.  Sample Syllabi, course descriptions, AP workshops, practice materials and more.
  • The NAGT Teaching the Earth Sciences Blog
  • Thinkfinity Lesson Plans Page - Over 10,000 FREE Lesson Plans.
  • Virtual Learning tools:
Video Resources