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Heather A. Wygant

I am a geologist by training, but a teacher by choice.  I love teaching!  I enjoy helping others understand things that I know about.  Currently I am a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) for Secondary Science, helping the district roll out the NGSS standards.
I am also very interested in the direction of Science Education both in California, and on the National level.  I hope to see Science gain the footing of being a required core class K-12 again, and required testing to graduate.  Our students need to be proficient not just in Math and English, but also in Science and Social Studies.  

  • 2 dogs: a Border Collie "Bria" and a Blue Heeler "B'Elanna.
  • 2 cats: a black short hair "Hank" and a golden tabby short hair "Tawney".  Both are rescues as kittens, one from an abandoned box on the side of the road!

  • Triathlons: I have completed two triathlons so far. One was a short Super Sprint of 400 meter swim, 5 mile bike and 2 mile run.  The second was the Treasure Island Sprint Triathlon with a 0.5K swim (in the San Francisco Bay- COLD!) 20K bike, and 5K run.  I was pleased at finishing in 2:05!  See my pictures HERE.  I am planning on doing a few more tri's this summer  
  • Running events- 5K to Half-Marathons: I have run several 5K's, 5 mile runs, 10K's and 6 half marathons.  Including the Avenue of the Giants 10K and the Nike Women's Half Marathon in 2010, and the Hellyer half, Jungle Run, Santa Cruz half and Salinas Valley Half in 2013. I finally completed a marathon- the California International Marathon on December 3, 2017.  I am slow, but it feels awesome to finish a race!
  • Reading: Books are one of my biggest addictions.  I have so many books that I can fill a bedroom and make my own personal library! Unfortunately, most are in storage right now, but am eagerly anticipating being able to pull them back out!
  • Cooking: I love to test out new recipes and we love to cook on the BBQ!  I enjoy cooking for groups- like Christmas dinner for the extended family.  I also do my own canning, like plum orange marmalade, brandied cherry plums, homemade salsa, pickles... from the garden goodness!
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Pictures of my Critters!



Coco and Jett!
Photo above by Heather Wygant