We are automatically detecting face-like structures on Google Map using OpenCV face-recognition technologies.
Our goal of this project is to demonstrate that such face-like structures are every-where, and can be detected automatically even with computers. Throughout this fact, we believe that science and technologies can alert people not to easily become an occultist.
The below is our recent result of a public vote at EC2010 conference. (We recommend full-screen and HD quality to view. It is available from here.)

Top 20 faces: EC2010 public vote

The below is our recent result in slideshow.

geoface project slideshow

Go to picasa web album to view faces

Difficult to recognize?
OK, we made another demo with guides. See this.

global coverage 2010/08/20

Please visit the web album and rate faces (Like/Unlike) or comment on them as much as possible!
It will help us improve our face-recognition algorithm!

See copyright information on each satellite image.

2010 AIST Geoface Project