African Network for Geo-Education

- Geology for all -


‘The African Network for Geo-Education exists to develop a professional geoscientists and educators to provide geoscience outreach to all”

The aims of the African Network for Geo-Education [ANGE] are to promote geoscience education in Africa at all levels, to work for enhancement of the quality of geoscience education in Africa and Arabian World and to encourage developments raising public awareness of geoscience, particularly amongst all people. The ANGE will be open on the international context, through cooperation with other organization that have the same goals.

To meet these aims, the ANGE monitors international provision of geoscience education and foster communications between geoscience educators worldwide. It will look for partnership with African and international bodies concerned with geoscience education, with international professional geoscience bodies, such as the International Union of Geological Sciences and with international bodies concerned with science education.

ANGE should be led by a Council formed from one member from each interested country. Council meetings, ether by email or face to face, occur regularly.

ANGE should run an international Conference approximately every year/two/fouryears, alternating with a representation at the International Geological Congress, which also takes place at four year intervals.

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