GeoConferencing is the idea of merging Geocaching and Video Conferencing.  The project allows for two or more remote sites to use geocaching and video conferencing to have a fun, interactive learning activity that involves multiple disciplines and technology tools.  The activity can be as simple or complex as the teacher desires.  GeoConferencing can be incorporated into virtually all subject areas:
Math - measurement, estimation
Science - weather, habitats, environment
Social Studies - history, geography, maps, culture
ELA - research, reporting, writing
The technology tools that could be used are only limited by access to the resources and imagination.  Here are just a few technology tools that may be used for this project:
GPS unit - locating geocaches and placement of Travel Bug
Blogs - reporting movement of travel bugs
Skype or Video Conferencing equipment - collaboration with remote sites - logging and tracking of travel bugs
Mapping tools - Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.