Welcome to this site about Geographic Context Analysis of Volunteered Information, or short GeoCONAVI. GeoCONAVI is a conceptual approach and actual software implementation developed to assess the credibility and relevance of information generated through social media and social networks. In a nutshell, it tries to take advantage of the knowledge we have about the world, and use this to assess the quality of a Tweet or Flickr image tags. It's not a comprehensive approach to assessing the quality of volunteered information, but adds another part to the puzzle. It is designed to be integrated with other methods such as social graph analysis or natural language processing. GeoCONAVI was developed during an exploratory research project at the European Commission's Joint Research Center at Ispra, Italy. This site is not affiliated to the JRC and any information contained herein does not represent official information of the European Commission or its bodies.

If you'd like to know more, please go either to the Overview, which gives more background information, the Implementation Details for more technical information, the News, or the Case Studies, where we show how GeoCONAVI has been applied to detect and monitor forest fires in southern France.