Welcome to the Google U.S. Geo Summit Speakers page! Here you will find some more information about our host of awesome speakers and what subjects they covered.
You will also find a link to their presentation slides. 

They each did an awesome job and we would like to thank them for coming out and sharing their stories with the summit attendees. 
Phil Swanson
Phillip Swanson
Platteville, WI
Always learning, traveling, reading, building, and sweating the details. 

Presentation Name: Mapping a Campus
Session: User Stories
Presentation Description: Going through some of his more interesting findings while mapping UW-Platteville. These will include things like how paths might look connected on the satellite map, but in real life one is 15 feet above the other.
Bio: Originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Phillip is currently a Senior at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville working in Web Development at the University. Phillip was originally assigned an interactive map project and his love for mapping took off from there. When Phillip isn't working, he is probably listening to podcasts, reading, or hanging out with friends. 
Anas Qtiesh 
San Francisco, CA
Blogger, translator, tech enthusiast

Presentation Name: Where Streets Have No Names
Session: User Stories
Presentation Description: An overview of how Map Maker has helped with projects and places throughout the world, filled with anecdotes from Anas' years of experience with Map Maker. 
Bio: Anas is a Syrian blogger, translator, tech enthusiast and a Google Map Maker advocate. According to him, he probably spends more time online than he should. Anas enjoys translating Wikipedia articles to Arabic, or contributing to the localization of open source software such as TOR. 
Alexander Schreyer
Amherst, MA
Lecturer, AEC CAD/BIM Expert, Timber Engineer, Web Designer, Programmer, Photographer

Presentation Name: Modeling our world in 3D
Session: User Stories
Presentation Description: Alexander will be giving an overview of his students' effort to model the UMass campus in 3D. Successes and pitfalls.
Bio: Alexander currently lives in Amherst, MA where he teaches courses in CAD and building materials at the University of Massachusetts. Originally, he is from Eltville, Germany but he also has roots in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Alexander's background is actually structural engineering and wood design but he likes using computer-based solutions (that often involve Google products) for whatever he does. In his spare time and when he is not yet again busy fixing up something around the house, Alexander likes doing photography and some occasional painting. 
Geoffery Zub
Franklin, MA
Mapping addict who happens to have twin 5 year old girls and a full time job in the mutual fund industry.

Presentation Name: Map Maker Tips & Tricks
Session: Tips & Tricks
Presentation Description: Going over various techniques including: minimizing the impact of the review process, adding as much detail as possible, and tricks to finding that detailed information. 
Bio: Geoffery was born in London, England and lived there for 18 years of his life. For the last 18 years he has lived in Massachusetts. There he works for a mutual fund company managing their Market Data Infrastructure. He is the father of twin 5 year old girls. His interests include photography, new web technologies (anything Google!), Android (he has built his own kernels), home automation/energy monitoring, and genealogy
Tara Kousha
New Brunswick, NJ
Rising senior at Rutgers University passionate about technology and educational outreach programs.

Presentation Name: Google @ Rutgers: MapUp! Workshop
Session:Tips & Tricks
Presentation Description: Introducing the Google Map Maker Workshop hosted this past spring at Rutgers University. The presentation will include a description of the event, how it was implemented and its reach at the university. Map Maker has helped them build their university community, from student testimonials to success stories, which they're excited to share!
Bio: Tara is a Senior at Rutgers University and this summer is a BOLD/RAMP Marketing Intern at YouTube. This past year she was the Google Student Ambassador at Rutgers and interned with the Geo Team in Consumer Operations. She created an independent MapUp event at Rutgers this past year that was a great success. Tara was moved by the passion and excitement Map Maker brought to Rutgers, as it provided students with a creative outlet to take charge of their community - and literally build it from the group up. Their university was able to connect with the Map Maker Team at Google and bring innovative technologies to students with the click of a button. She loves to write and run and teaches yoga classes once a week. Tara has a dog named Toto and a cat named Fidget. 
Thomas Cooper
Ham Lake, MN
Panoramio Photographer

Presentation Name: Panoramio Brings Life to the Map
Session: User Stories
Presentation Description: A brief description of how Panoramio fits in with other Geo products from a functional point of view, then present a few positive attributes of Panoramio and a couple challenges or opportunities.I will proabably wrap up with two short stories of people I met who were either enjoying or making use of Panoramio photos.
Bio: Thomas is originally from suburban Boston, Massachusetts. He relocated to Ham Lake, Minnesota (just north of Minneapolis) about 8 years ago. Thomas enjoys photography, camping and travel, Rennaisance Festivals, and just recently started geocaching.
Jim Efaw

Metamora, IL
I've always played with maps and computers; so far I get paid for playing with the computers.

Presentation Name: Ways & Means from the First 3 Months
Session: Tips & Tricks
Presentation Description: A brief overview of what catches the eye of one of the top US mappers, how he decides which edits to make next in an area. He will go over how to fix the most information with the fewest separate edits and a brief overview about how he finds and deals with bad markers and spam.
Bio: Jim grew up in Peoria IL, a city of around 100,000; he now lives in a nearby village of 2500. He has been playing with computers since about age 9 and getting paid for it since he graduated from high school. Jim has been exploring neighborhoods and obscure streets since he was a teenager; soaking up information has been his hobby since he was a kid, and sharing it has become his hobby since Wikipedia and editable maps have come along.
Pam Simons
Cary, NC
I'm happy to be doing work that I believe in at this point in my life.

Presentation Name: Using Google Map Maker for the Public Parks and Greenways
Session: Map Maker for Non-Profits, Education, and the Public Sector
Presentation Description: Starting with an overview of how she uses GIS and graphics every day to support the planning process, store information, provide educational materials for the public and where Map Maker fits in. The presentation will go on to describe how Pam's boss has identified getting Cary trails and parks data accurate in Google Maps as a big priority believing it has as broad exposure as almost anything they could do. 
Bio: Originally from Wisconsin, Pam has lived all over with her Ornithologist husband - Seattle, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Virginia and now North Carolina. Because of her husband, bird watching is always a big part of Pam's life. Professionally, Pam does GIS, mapping and graphics for the Parks Department at the Town of Cary, a fast growing community in the Raleigh/Durham/Research Triangle Park area. In her free time she likes to read, hike in the woods, hang out with funny people and make things. She misses her sweet and crazy beagle who is no longer on this earthly plane but was a constant source of humor. One of these days there'll be a new canine friend, she is sure.

Sophia Sallas-Brookwell

Chicago, IL
Undergrad student with a penchant for food policy.

Presentation Name: Food Deserts of Chicago's South Side
Session: Map Maker for Non-Profits, Education, and the Public Sector
Presentation Description: Presenting her plan to integrate the arsenal of tools provided by Map Maker to further efforts to enact systemic change, in particular in the food deserts of Chicago. Her research efforts are to produce a policy brief of sorts and Map Maker is a critical part of her analysis and proposed course of action. She''ll discuss how that has worked, problems Sophia has come into contact with and things she's learned.
Bio: Sophia currently is a third year student at the University of Chicago, majoring in Anthropology. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA and when she moved to Chicago for school she was surprised to discover not only that the season winter existed (brrr!) but also that not all major cities were lucky enough to benefit from an even distribution of grocery stores. 
Jon Walker
Portland, OR
A global adventurer who is committed to service and changing the world by interacting with individuals.

Presentation Name: Crowdsourcing and Thoughtful Footprints
Session: Map Maker for Non-Profits, Education, and the Public Sector
Presentation Description: Overviewing his experiences teaching using Geo tools. The presentation will review how to approach developing an internalization of the idea of crowdsourcing, being a service-oriented global citizen and leaving a responsible and ethical footprint. 
Bio: Jon is from the Puget Sound area in Washington. He spent many years managing IT projects and staffs ending with working for the Portland Trail Blazers, one of his favorite positions. He currently is a catalyst and help high school students become life long learners. His favorite pastime is randonneuring and adventuring on a bike. His current goal is to learn to stop his long board going down hill. 
Brian McClendon 
Vice President, Engineering and Product Management
Featured Speaker

Brian leads engineering and product management for Google's geo products, which include Google Maps, Earth, SketchUp, Street View, Ocean, Mars and Moon. Brian joined Google in 2004 via the acquisition of Keyhole Corporation where he was head of engineering, a founder, and a member of the board. 

Prior to Keyhole, Brian was a founder at Intrinsic Graphics and an Engineering Director at @Home Network. Previously, he spent eight years at Silicon Graphics developing high-end workstation 3D graphics subsystems like GT, GTX, RealityEngine and InfiniteReality. He holds two issued patents including the one for KML, which is now an open standard for GIS data.

Brian has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas.
Ed Parsons
Geospatial Technologist
Featured Speaker

Ed Parsons is the Geospatial Technologist of Google, with responsibility for evangelising Google’s mission to organise the world’s information using geography, and tools including Google Earth,Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile. In his role he also maintains links with Universities, Research and Standards Organisations which are involved in the development of Geospatial Technology.

Ed is based in Google’s London office, and anywhere else he can plug in his laptop. He was the first Chief Technology Officer in the 200-year-old history of Ordnance Survey, and was instrumental in moving the focus of the organisation from mapping to Geographical Information.

Ed came to the Ordnance Survey from Autodesk, where he was EMEA Applications Manager for the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Division. He earned a Masters degree in Applied Remote Sensing from Cranfield Institute of Technology and holds a Honorary Doctorate in Science from Kingston University, London.

Ed is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is the author of numerous articles, professional papers and presentations to International Conferences and he developed one of first weblogs in the Geospatial Industry at  www.edparsons.com.

Ed is married with two children and lives in South West London, his family life is documented atwww.blakeparsons.com.