Welcome to the Geo Code Lab


We've designed the codelab to make sure you:
  • Gain experience building different types of Maps implementation
  • Understand how KML content can be integrated across these implementations
  • Have fun using Google Geo products!

Everyone loves to share the places they know and help other people discover them, so we have set up a Dazibao to hold your KML places. What's a Dazibao? It's a "Chinese handwritten, wall-mounted poster, used as a means of protest, propaganda, and popular communication" (and also our repository of placemarks and KML snippets).

During those two hours you will submit content to the Dazibao, and view it on a mashup, a Google Gadget, and with the Earth Plugin.


You will need :
- A text editor
- A browser supported by Maps
- In the last part of the codelab you may test the new Google Earth Browser Plugin, which is currently supported on Windows platforms only

Let's share objects!

During this session, you will create maps and KML objects and store them into the Geo Dazibao.
You will then load the Geo Dazibao content in different environments (mashup, Gadget, Earth plugin).
You will finally enhance the content presentation using the Google Earth Plugin and the StreetView API.

The objective is to create an interface where you can:
- Create a placemark based on a postal address or click events
- Add more complex KML objects (ground overlay, etc...)

KML Dazibao

Once you've created an object, you will be able to store it on the Geo Dazibao server. This is a repository that you can find at http://kmlshare.appspot.com/

One step at a time