We offer several tools for free that you can use to visualize and analyze our data. Here they are:

Web clients

We have two DEMO web clients that can be used to register parcels in our system and visualize & analyze their data. They are not a product as such and just provided to demonstrate the API functionalities. They are under continuous development and may change.

Analyst's dashboard

The Analyst's dashboard contains comprehensive data analysis features that enable you to dig deep into your parcel's data time series. You may use our Analyst's Dashboard for viewing and analyzing the advanced features of the agknow API here:

For example to use the Analyst's Dashboard with the DEMO key go to:

Agknow client

Our simpler Agknow client was designed for users that are not as advanced and simply want to register some parcels and visualize their data. You can find it here:

For example to use the Agknow client with the DEMO key go to:


Our widgets are javascript based web widgets that can be easily integrated into any web application. We provide the source code as is - you can adapt is as you want.

GC MapWidget

The map widget is a java script library to easily display and compare time series of images of the ag|knowledge service.

GC GraphWidget

The graph widget is a java script library to easily display and compare time series graphs of the ag|knowledge service. It makes quantitative comparisons of vegetation vitality easy. You can compare several fields or years in one graph.

QGIS plugin

Our QGIS plugin allows advanced users to export data from our service directly into QGIS where you can analyze it in combination with your own GIS data.

QGIS 3.4.x
Just search for "agknow" of "geocledian" in the QGIS plugin manager and install "agknow for QGIS" like any other plugin.

QGIS 2.18.x
Currently we provide a version for QGIS 2.18.x as a github repository only.
Please refer to the for installation instructions.