Creating Stats in GSAK

In order to create your stats in GSAK you'll need a couple of macros:


Just download the GSK files available on those pages and open with GSAK to install

You'll also need

This can be found about half way down on this page:

This needs to be saved into the Macros directory in your GSAK installation
(i.e. c:\gsak\Macros\FindStatGenMapUnited_kingdom.dat   - this location will depend on where you installed GSAK to)

NOTE: If United Kingdom doesn't show up later on, when we select maps, something has gone wrong when you saved the file to this directory.

Manual Update

Ensure GSAK has been updated with the latest "My Finds" Pocket Query

In GSAK Select Macro > Run / Manage as shown below


In the list of Macros that come up select the macro that starts 'FindStatGen' and click Run


GSAK will whirl for a couple of seconds but will eventually present you with the following options screen


Once we have everything set up we can click OK and it'll then go and produce the stats page, but the first time we use it we need to set up the options


I think most of these options are obvious, and if they are not a little trial and error will get you a long way.

Important to note that anything in the right hand column  marked with an asterisk, takes up half a column, so needs to be followed by another asterisked option for reasons of symmetry.  if that makes no sense, try doing  it without and see the effect it has, and you'll soon understand.

Several things I do:

1) Notes

I add my ranking to the notes section so I don't have to worry about copying it over when I update my stats.  notes is accessed by the aptly named Notes button in the bottom right


2) UK Map

Click on the Maps button on the bottom right of the options screen.  If you've copied the file across correctly, it should be listed


Ticking the United Kingdom option will make the UK map show in the Other Maps section as defined in the main options screen

Once you are happy with your options, click OK, and GSAK will go away and calculate before opening a web page with all your stats


Now to add this to your profile page manually, you need to select View > Page Source (in Firefox)  or Page > View Source (in INternet Explorer)

You should see something that looks like this:


You want to find <body> near the top and </body> near the bottom and select and copy everything in between (CTRL+C)

Now on, go to your profile and edit it (Change Profile Details)

In that box paste the code your copied (CTRL +P) and then click Save Changes

TO DO: Automated Updates