The 7th annual Metroparks Geocaching Adventure is operated by members of the Michigan Geocaching Association in partnership with the Huron-Clinton Metroparks. It is a series of geocaches placed and maintained by MiGO members. 


Participating in the Adventure

In order to complete the Metroparks Geocaching Adventure 2010 one needs to find the 11 caches hidden in 11 different Metroparks. At each cache obtain two words, found in the cache on the cover,  to enter into a crossword puzzle found in our brochure.  By participating in the adventure you will be able to discover some interesting things about the Metroparks. The caches will be in place from May 1 through December 2010.  The deadline for puzzle submission is December 1, 2010.


MGA10-Metro Beach-Marsh Archived 1-1-2011
MGA10-Wolcott Mill-Peaceful Wander Archived 4-26-2011 
MGA10-Stony Creek-Spring Beauty Archived 4-3-2011
MGA10-Indian Springs- Ski Trail 
Archived 4-9-2011 
MGA10-Kensington-Bubbling Waters  Archived 3-20-2011
MGA10-Huron Meadows- Atop the Meadow
MGA10-Hudson Mills-Millage Renewal  Archived 4-20-2011 
MGA10-Lower Huron-WhiteFlora
MGA10-Willow-Huron River Archived 3-20-2011
MGA10-Oakwoods-Monarch Waystation Archived 1-1-2011
MGA10-Lake Erie-NationalSymbol

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 Number of teams logging all 11 caches: 49
 Number of correct puzzles received: 46

 The winners of the 2011 Metroparks Season Passes are:

Stinky & Stinky
Team Robezase


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Scenes from Metroparks Geocaching Adventure 2009 which had 1057 visits.
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Congratuilations to the following teams for finding and logging all 11 MGA2010 Geocaches!
Team Lerman               Completed May 4         Correct Puzzle Received May 06 
YES-TEAM                   Completed May 17       Correct Puzzle Received May 25
The Walkabouts           Completed May 22       Correct Puzzle Received May 25
Team Silver Fox           Completed May 29       Correct Puzzle Received Jun 02
DarrylW4 & Firefly03   Completed May 30       Correct Puzzle Received Jun 12
TeamLegend4              Completed May 30       Correct Puzzle Received May 31
multiplemeags              Completed May 30       Correct Puzzle Received June 04
Stan&Ruth                     Completed June 16      Correct Puzzle Received Jun 16
Highcountryhikers         Completed June 17      Correct Puzzle Received Jun 19
skdela                            Completed June 24      Correct Puzzle Received Jun 25
mboensch                      Completed June 25      Correct Puzzle Received Jul 01
MIGolfer                         Completed July 5          Correct Puzzle Received Jul 12
waterhog316                 Completed July 18        Correct Puzzle Received Jul 22
Fox&Hounds                 Completed July 25        Correct Puzzle Received Jul 28
Ru2nsane                      Completed July 25        Correct Puzzle Received Aug 5
michigansnorkelers      Completed July 26        Correct Puzzle Received Aug 24
Team_FMA                   Completed  Aug 2         Correct Puzzle Received Aug 4
Poppa's Chick              Completed  Aug 7         Correct Puzzle Received Aug 24
Emma248                     Completed  Aug 13       Correct Puzzle Received Aug 17
wigglewigglewiggle      Completed  Aug 15       Correct Puzzle Received Aug 16
Doug248                       Completed  Aug 16       Correct Puzzle Received Aug 18
Stinky & Stinky              Completed  Aug 22       Correct Puzzle Received Sep 9
HelloLola                       Completed  Aug 26       Correct Puzzle Received Aug 30
Tonybrost (AKA TEAM "B") Completed  Aug 28     Correct Puzzle Received Sep 11
TheTeamTucker           Completed  Sept 4        Correct Puzzle Received Sep 22
The Seed Spreaders   Completed  Sept 5
cutegeek                        Completed  Sept 5       Correct Puzzle Received Sep 9
KingsStrings&Horns    Completed  Sept 5        Correct Puzzle Received Oct 12
TeamNoonerNeener    Completed  Sept 5
mich_gpsr                     Completed  Sept 10     Correct Puzzle Received Sep 11
Leader1                        Completed  Sept 10      Correct Puzzle Received Sep 11
GeoCGS                       Completed  Sept 21      Correct Puzzle Received Oct 1
teamjeepers                 Completed  Sept 26
melvindaleseekers      Completed  Sept 30       Correct Puzzle Received Oct 28
spartan_seekers          Completed  Oct 2           Correct Puzzle Received Dec 1
skydiver777                  Completed  Oct 2          Correct Puzzle Received Oct 8
Cache-a-Nooks           Completed  Oct 3           Correct Puzzle Received Nov 13
SEWdaugh                   Completed  Oct 9          Correct Puzzle Received Oct 16 
Hiker Willie                   Completed  Oct 29        Correct Puzzle Received Nov 2
y2kcompliant                Completed  Oct 30        Correct Puzzle Received Nov 3
rootee2t                        Completed  Oct 30        Correct Puzzle Received Nov 29
Tandembiker               Completed  Nov 1          Correct Puzzle Received Nov 5
DNR27                         Completed  Nov 14       Correct Puzzle Received Nov 17
DHexplorer                  Completed  Nov 15       Correct Puzzle Received Nov 24
D.A.D.D.                      Completed  Nov 15       Correct Puzzle Received Nov 20
Cyclops                        Completed  Nov 16       Correct Puzzle Received Nov 19
The Atkinsons             Completed  Nov 21       Correct Puzzle Received Nov 24
Team Robezase         Completed  Nov 21       Correct Puzzle Received Nov 23
annaLasagna              Completed  Nov 27      Correct Puzzle Received Nov 29