University of Melbourne
  • Centre for Systems Genomics
  • Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Bio21 Institute
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Dept. of Infrastructure Engineering
University of California at Berkeley (Banfield Lab)
University of Wisconsin at Madison (Roden Lab)
Oregon State University (Torres Lab)
Monash University-Malaysia (Austin Lab)
Arizona State University (SESE)
University of Canberra (Maher Lab, Inst. for Applied Ecology)
Australian National University (Brocks Lab)
Curtin University (Grice Lab)
Southern Cross University (S.C. Geoscience)
University of Queensland (ACE, CMM)
Swinburne University (Blackall Lab)
University of Western Australia (CMCA)
University of Tasmania (IMAS)
U.S. Geological Survey (WI Water Science Center)
GNS Science (Wairakei Research Centre)
Australian Synchrotron
Australian Antarctic Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Stawell Gold Mine (Newmarket Gold Corp.)