Moreau Geomicrobiology Lab

The Moreau Geomicrobiology Lab (MGL), in the School of Earth Sciences at The University of Melbourne, studies environmental microorganisms and the processes by which they influence the chemistry of natural waters, soils, sediments.  We apply cutting-edge techniques in molecular biology, microscopy and spectroscopy to investigate microbially-mediated processes with ecosystem, human health and planetary impacts.  Our interdisciplinary research addresses problems in contaminant remediation and water quality, as well as questions about the evolution of microbial metabolic and resistance pathways.  Our broader aim is to understand how microorganisms have affected the chemistry of our planet over geologic time, in order to harness their energies for the benefit of modern society.  The MGL is part of the University's Environmental Microbiology Research Initiative (EMRI)

Photo: Desulfobulbus propionicus 1pr3 cells (DAPI stained) methylating mercury