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Ashes Hollow River

Ashes Hollow river is located in the Long Mynd Hills of Shrophire. Below are some interesting locational facts about the river, and attached are some pictures.

  • Boiling spring wells, the source of the river, is 450m above sea level
  • We measured a length of river covering around 1550m
  • The elevation of where we measured ranged from 250m above sea level at site 1, to 210m at site 12
  • A knick point was located around the midway point of where we measured. 
  • A tributary ran into the river just below the knick point
  • Scree was in the river from sites 8 onwards
  • Nearby towns included Little Stretton, Church Stretton, and Shrewsbury
  • It only took us 20 minutes to walk to the top/site 1 fro the bus.