Google VR

There are many ways to experience virtual reality (VR) with Google.  Google currently offers:
Google VR

Google CardboardGet started with Google Cardboard
Apps for Google Cardboard
Suggested Apps & Experiences for Google Cardboard
  • Google Street View - Android or iOS
  • YouTube VR - Experience every YouTube channel, video and creator in virtual reality.
  • Google Earth VR - Google Earth VR puts the whole world within your reach. 
  • Story Spheres - Explore the world in 360° through sound and imagery.*
  • WithinExtraordinary stories in VR (formally VRSE).
  • National Parks in VR - Explore the best of the US National Parks in VR.
  • Spotlight Stories - Google Spotlight Stories are immersive stories for mobile 360, mobile VR and room-scale VR headsets.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - A virtual reality experiment by Google Play and Queen.
  • Experience the Wizard Academy on Google Cardboard, a VR experience in Google Cardboard.
  • Refugee Accommodations in Berlin - Experience the living conditions of refugees living in Germany.*
  • Instamuseum - Turn your Instagram pictures into a virtual museum.*
  • VRappExperience and Share Virtual Reality on the Web*
  • Sketchfab - Publish your 3D files, explore a million things in VR.
  • Nearpod VR - Take your students on a virtual reality adventure right from your classroom.*
  • View-Master Apps - Travel to the best destinations and experiences with curated content.*
  • Discovery VR - Experience the best Discovery Channel shows and experiences in VR.*
  • USA Today VR Stories - Stories and News from USA Today experienced in VR.*
  • NYTVRPut yourself at the center of New York Times stories in an immersive virtual-reality experience.
  • Huffington Post RYOT - Stories and News from Huffington Post experienced in VR.*
  • Ascape VR - Become a virtual reality traveler.*
  • InCell VR - Free explorational game about cell microworld with VR support.*
  • InMind VR - Free explorational game about the human brain with VR support.*
  • Blocks - Create 3D models in VR for the HTC Vive and Occulus Rift (by Google)
360° & VR Videos/Related Apps
  • Search and watch 360° & VR videos on YouTube.
  • Google Arts & CultureGoogle Arts & Culture app (now with Google Cardboard support) - Explore artworks, artifacts, and more from over 850 museums, archives, and organizations worldwide that have partnered with Google Cultural Institute.
  • Experience Chernobyl's Haunting Ruins in 360° Photos*
  • RoundMe - World's most hassle-free 360o VR publishing and authoring platform.
  • Metta VR - Join people all around the world discovering and sharing awesome 360 videos on Metta.*
  • Jaunt - Cinematic VR.*
  • YouVisit VRThousands of experiences. One app. The best way to experience virtual reality

Google Expeditions
Google Expeditions for your Classroom

Augmented Reality Resources
  • Google AR - Expeditions AR will be coming to schools in Fall 2017 as part of the Expeditions Pioneer Program.
  • Tango - Google Tango is a powerful platform for augmented reality
  • Poly - Augmented Reality assets from Google.

Additional curations of Virtual and Augmented Reality content

*Resources shared courtesy of EdTechnocation by Michael Fricano II.