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Google Maps Lessons

Welcome to Mapping with Google! In this course
* you'll discover new ways to navigate the world around you with Google Maps. You will also improve your use of new and existing features of Google's mapping tools. In the end, you'll create your own custom projects in Google Maps. Mapping with Google is a self-paced, online course where you will watch videos (or read text lessons) and apply the skills you learn. Course completion requires an internet-enabled desktop or laptop computer. Any Google Map activities can be completed on a desktop computer or your Chromebook. 

Successful completion on the course will be proven through completing the lessons and activities on Additional activities as required by Mr. Wismer can be found below. Daily points will also be given for use of class time and staying on progress. Upon completion of each activity, show Mr. Wismer your results before moving on to the next lesson.

*These lessons modified for students at North Fond du Lac School District.

Course Content & Activities:
Follow the outline and links below to guide you through this course. Any activities or projects need to submitted to Google Classroom to it's appropriate assignment.

Google Maps Lessons
*Note - Google Maps lessons can be completed on a Chomebook or desktop computer.
Google Maps Project:
  • Create a map that communicates geographical information using Maps Engine Lite (also see the Maps Engine Lite for Educators video tutorial).
  • Using the project requirements, meet all of the basic criteria and select one or more advanced features from the list below. (Extra points awarded for a map based on content learned in other courses (prior approval from Mr. Wismer needed). The project is worth 20 points.
  • Linked is an example map that I created of my summer vacations from 2007 to present (data is based off this spreadsheet).
  • Turn in your completed map (with editing rights) to Mr. Wismer.