Google Earth

Google Earth
With the new Google Earth (Web-based) as well as Google Earth Pro (download), your computer becomes a window to anywhere on the planet, allowing you to view high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery, elevation terrain, road and street labels, business listings, and more.

Google Earth offers a variety of ways to interact with and explore the world, ocean, and beyond. Google Earth provides resources to help you explore, create, and collaborate with mapping tools. Students who are taught geography are better equipped to understand how human and physical systems interact and to make informed decisions based on that knowledge.

With Google Earth, you can... 
  • fly to the far reaches of the earth
  • investigate local regions with the closest of detail
  • create tours for others to explore and experience areas of interest
  • explore 3D buildings and cities
  • go back in time to see historical imagery
  • and even visit the ocean, moon, and beyond.
Take time to explore the Fun with Google Earth page for all the extra hidden treasures of Google Earth.