Genuine savings through PACL India Limited

Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL India Limited) is a PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY that was established in 1983 and was honoured with the 'corporate' status in the year 1996. Some of the interesting features of the organisation are as listed below...
  • Executive Committee Member of the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries)
  • Had won Indian Government's prestigious Vikas Rathan, Vijayshree, Lokshree, Pride of India, Pride of Asia awards and many gold medals along with the planning commission award and many other international awards until today primarily for the kind of service by the company
  • Which has possession of not even a single paise of any of the investors till date. Returning the maturity amount worth in crores every year to all of its investors for the past 20 years
  • Provides small saving schemes which also automatically gives investors an accidental insurance coverage
  • Prime contributor to Green Revolution in India as the basic operation of work is based on agriculture
  • Had provided employment (part-time working opportunities) to around lakhs of people in India until today
  • Has 220 branches all over India
  • Has thousands of acres of agricultural land all over India for the agricultural activities of the organisation
PACL India Limited is an organisation established in 1983 and had recently celebrated it's silver jubilee. Organisation, controlled by the 'Registrar of Companies' of India,  has 1000's of acres of agricultural land in which they grow short term herbs and export. Organisation has a number of small saving schemes (Recurring and Fixed Deposits) that yields comparatively higher returns with any other comparable industries (banks, post offices, etc).