The Workshop

A Gentle Introduction to Scala
A 4-day Workshop with Bruce Eckel & Dianne Marsh,
based on their upcoming book "Atomic Scala."
Where: July 18-21 2012 in Crested Butte, Colorado
Size: Limited to 8 people
Who: Folks who have never seen Scala 
(The book is also designed to work for first-time programmers so if you're feeling bold, dive in!)

Dianne is giving Scala Koans at OSCON in Portland, Oregon and discovered she could drop by and work on the book on her way back (thus the short notice). We decided it was time to road-test the material from the book on live learners (Thinking in C++ and Thinking in Java were greatly improved by giving them as seminars before they became books).

It's an experiment so we're limiting it to 8 people because it's taking place in Bruce's living room.
The workshop will use a self-pacing format (move at whatever pace is comfortable for you), except that we will present each of the chapters in order, one at a time, throughout the workshop. These presentations will be less lecture-y and more discussion-y in nature, as we are trying to see what's easy for you to understand and what's difficult.

Atomic Scala is an introductory book. It does not assume that you know Java, or any language for that matter. The book is not a comprehensive language tutorial; we're only trying to get you started with the language so that you can move on to more challenging material.

We're strong believers in the maxim, "Start at your own place, move at your own pace," so even though we'll be presenting material at our pace, it doesn't mean we expect you progress at anything but your pace. You can choose to pay attention to the presentations, or not, and afterwards you can go back to working on the exercises you're currently comfortable with. The book has exercises for each concept and we think you'll want to use those, but if you have other exercises or projects you want to work on, feel free to use yours instead. However far you get during the week is, we feel, exactly how far you are supposed to get.

We won't have any formalized discussions as in Open Spaces conferences, but in our experience lots of interesting discussion will happen all by themselves. 

We're trying to produce a very relaxed and casual atmosphere for this workshop. We'll also probably have some outdoor activities as well as evening activities like barbecues and visits to local establishments.