Medical science is undergoing a paradigm shift as the script of disease is being written in a new language - the language of molecular biology. Within the next decade, anyone not conversant with this language will be pushed to the margins of front-line medicine. 

There is an urgent need for all doctors and especially those in the academic field to understand molecular biology and interpret the technologies associated with it. Skills like devising a PCR test or analysing sequence data can no longer be left to the laboratory scientist but has to come within the ambit of a physician's capabilities.

The ICMR backed Multidisciplinary Research Unit (MRU) and the Institutional Research Committee (IRC) of Calicut Medical College are jointly organizing a 2 phase workshop (GENOMED 2016) with the above mentioned objectives in mind.

It is of 5 days duration in all. The first phase (2 days) will introduce you to the new techniques and their background. It will also provide hands on experience of the Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is now becoming a routine diagnostic test.

The second stage (3 days) will be a capacity building workshop enabling you to be able to analyze next generation sequence (NGS) data. This is a sorely needed skill for physicians in nearly all branches where genome based diagnosis or Genome wide association studies are increasingly being employed.

Part I Getting Started
13&14 June 2016
The first phase of workshop (two days) consists of introductory lectures and hands on experience on polymerase chain reaction.
Last date for Registration (Part I) 10th June 2016
Venue: Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode
Day 1- Kabani Auditorium, IMCH, Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode
Day 2- Multidisciplinary Research Unit, IMCH, Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode

Part II Analyzing a Sequence
07-09 September 2016 (Tentative Dates)
The second phase of the workshop concentrates on next generation sequencing technique intended for those candidates who are interested in analysing the data generated by NGS and how it can be used for understanding rare diseases.
Venue: Multi disciplinary Research Unit, IMCH, Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode

You can register for the first phase alone now and enrol for the second phase after the first workshop if you feel it is a must-attend. The number of participants for the second phase in limited to 24. 


Prof. Prathap Somnath (Vice- Principal, GMC Kozhikode)
Prof. Sathi PP (Nodal Officer, MRU GMC Kozhikode)
Dr. Biju George (Asst. Professor Community Medicine, GMC Kozhikode)
Executive Members
Dr. Dhanasooraj D (Research Scientist, MRU GMC Kozhikode)
Ms. Shammy S (Research Scientist, MRU GMC Kozhikode)

Multidisciplinary Research Unit (MRU)
Govt Medical College, Kozhikode
Email: mrucalicut@gmail.com
Phone: 9446196790 (Dr. Dhanasooraj D)