Genocide project

Genocide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.
                           - Merriam Webster Dictionary
As a follow up to your study of Night and the Holocaust, we would like you to examine some examples of other genocides in history and pick one to study on a detailed basis. You will have 4 days for this project in both LA and SS classes (8 periods in all) and the final result will be a web site linked to this project site. You will be able to work in small groups (4 people) to do this research. You will collaborate using Google docs and make the site using Google sites.
You can use this rubric to check your work.
We will be doing a gallery walk of the projects at the end so that everyone will have some time to view a selection of the other groups projects. Using this form (save to your Google drive and share with teachers after you have filled it out), students will be able to reflect on what they learned by viewing the other student's projects. There will also be a short survey at the end for students to complete
Start by reading about the Eight Stages of Genocide
Step one: Examine this list of genocide events and pick one. Make sure to clear it with the teacher before you start. Please pick from a genocide after 1915. You are free to chose the event that you like but do not use the Nazi Holocaust that you already studied:
You might consider genocides in Darfur, Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, North Korea, Sudan. Holodomor (Ukraine), Timor or against the Kurds or other ethnic groups.
Step two: Conduct research on the genocide event. As you work make sure that you use a variety of websites, research databases and books ( this can include e books).
Step three: design a website to answer the following questions about your genocide event
-What time period did this genocide occur?
 -Where did the genocide take place?
 -What was taking place in the domestically and internationally during the genocide?
 -What was the reason for the genocide?
 -What role did the government play?
 -Why was the particular group selected for genocide?
 -What type of genocide was this?
 -How did the world learn about this genocide?
 -What actions did other nations take to stop the genocide?
 -What were the results of the genocide?
- Make up your own questions as you learn more about the genocide you picked.
Website criteria:  project rubric
  • Must include at least 6 pages including an introduction and bibliography page listing all sources used. You can use the questions listed above as a guide for which pages to can answer a question on each page or combine them if that makes sense.
  • Include photographs or graphics on all pages 
  • Include a film from you-tube or other online source. If you can't find a film on your genocide event, you can include a general film about genocides
  • Create a word cloud using Wordle and imbed in your website..or you can save it as a picture and insert that on your website.
  • Include a map of the genocide site with labels (you can use PowerPoint to make a jpg)
  • Include a story of a victim
 Student projects will be listed here:
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Student site 4
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