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The Last Update of Gen. LiWar (Contains files from Liwar)

(My entry is on display currently, I will update periodically through the contest)

Welcome to the Custom Commando Project.  I am General LiWar.  This site is dedicated to the works of myself and several others in customizing Clone Commandos based off of Star Wars Republic Commando.  If you have a request, please submit it in the Custom Commando Project Thread. If the request does not involve a customized clone commando, please send me a private message Here.  Also, any comments (or suggestions) about this site can be sent HereThis is non-profit and we are merely making custom clones for our own purposes.  I am in no way affiliated with LucasArts or George Lucas.   The original image is an official Star Wars Republic Commando image and can be found here : Wookieepedia or IGN or Imageshack.  Obviously Darth Hyukan has made minor modifications to make it customizeable.  Many other modifications have been made by myself and the others, which include but are not limited to Halo armor variants.

Some Free Programs people use to do this are Serif Photoplus 6 and GIMP

 Commando of the Month

General Liwar's Tek (v2)



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