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The Sheriffs

Current "Sheriff Watch": - "Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson of Bristol County, Mass., sent a letter to organize a meeting of sheriffs in Washington, D.C., on December 10, two days before the existing government-funding bill expires, to meet with congressmen and encourage them to take action to secure the border."

(see the CSPOA list and the America is my name site)

 ArizonaArpaio - Maricopa
Babeu - Pinal County 

 Wisconsin Milwaukee - David Clarke 
 Pennsylvania Grant County - Tom Jones http://ln.is/youtu.be/bIYzo
 North Carolina Rockingham County - Sam Page video
 Massachusetts     Bristol County - Tom Hodgson letter to sheriffs re Dec 10 PDF
 Maryland Wicomico - Mike Lewis article
 Frederick - Chuck Jenkins article 11-3-14
 Colorado Hinsdale - Ronald Bruce 2013 article 
 Georgia Oconee - Scott Berry 2013 article
 Kentucky  Jackson - Denny Peynman powers limited
 Nevada Nye County - video

see current 287g list - 

Sheriffs w Positive Messages

Sheriff Raney  Boise Idaho  http://bit.ly/1ADJnJY