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2018 Sheriff Races


David Clarke’s old spot as Milwaukee County Sheriff will be decided at the August 14th primary. There are three “Democrat” candidates and no Republicans. The three include: the Acting Sheriff (Schmidt) who doesn’t actually seem much like a Dem. he’s a preacher in the shade and his entire education is from unaccredited religious schools; a former Milesukee County PD  Captain - Earnell Lucas; and Deputy Robert Ostrowski. You can learn more: 

We like Earnell.  He’s on ActBlue if you like him. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/lucas-for-milwaukee-1


Long time ICE loving Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Is being challenged by Karl Bickel - a community policing guy who is focused on dealing with the opioid crisis. This is an R v D race and will be decided on November 6th.