DAESH IMAGERY (socmed profiles)

(IMO) The avatar images below and the header images here all connote declarations of allegiance to Daesh/ISIS.  The images should not be allowed on social media and the accounts should be suspended.  But I'm not in charge.  I hope this will help others to spot Daesh/ISIS supporter accounts that USE such imagery.  It is very important to note (as partially explained on my ISIS Twitter Network page) that there are many Daesh-affiliated accounts that do not use this imagery, some that do not tweet Daesh propaganda, and some that don't tweet AT ALL. 

I've only just started - if you have account avatars or headers to nominate, you can use this form

Thanks for helping! 

Daesh ("The Islamic State") asserts that they control an area by declaring a "Wilayat" - this term is sort of like "province" (the areas in other middle eastern countries are referred to with this term) - Each Wilayat has a symbol - and their "media houses" use those symbols . In addition, there are other "media house" symbols. Many (not all) of the Wilayat symbols are in the image below. Examples of the actual use of these symbols - and additional media house symbols - are here.

Images of those involved in attacks are often used - these are the men from the Paris attack

The images below are primarily Twitter avatars:


      (used in plane bomb)