Reporting Daesh (ISIS) and other graphic content

DO NOT REPORT graphic content VIA the actual APPs - for example tweeting a link for a tweet with graphic content SPREADS IT. Or doing a Facebook post about how awful something is invites more people to see it. If you would like to get others to report really bad content, use the private messaging options to describe the content and how to report it. 

Important: Reporting graphic Daesh/ISIS content to the site you are visiting isn't enough. If the post/tweet/comment has a link to another site, you need to report the content to the hosting site so it will be taken down. Twitter Facebook and YouTube are listed first, then Contact info for some other sites is listed alphabetically below. 

Use the in app / site reporting system - the mobile system is easier/faster.  If you decide to look for accounts to report, do it with your movile device.

ALL tweets displaying Daesh-ISIS imagery are INTENDED to be a threat - instead of reporting graphic images/videos as a "sensitive image", report them as a threat of violence to someone else. It's actually intended to be a threat to YOU if you are looking at it, but that reporting path is more complicated.  For the most EXTREME graphic content or targeted threats, use their reporting form which is here...

You can also submit names to be added to the CtrlSec database - they tweet out targets constantly using @ctrlsec0 @ctrlsec1 @ctrlsec2 and @ctrlsec accounts on Twitter. Details for submitting accounts are in this image.

Possible Daesh-ISIS Account

If you'd like to submit accounts with Daesh/ISIS imagery to be added to my page here, you can use the form at the right - or follow and DM me on Twitter - once verified I will add the account to this website. Anyone is then welcome to review the content tweeted by those accounts to see if the accounts should be reported to Twitter as violating their Terms of Service.  

I had previously written that merely having Daesh-ISIS imagery is probably not sufficient for the account/material to be removed (there's no reporting button for "TERRORIST LOGO").  I have had a change of opinion as discussed above. Anyone using Daesh-ISIS imagery is declaring allegiance to a terrorist group and is intending to THREATEN those who view it. 

In order to help people identify Daesh-ISIS accounts, I am maintaining a gallery of Daesh-ISIS imagery here.  The below image is from Twitter and shows some of the typical Daesh/ISIS imagery (logos, leaders, "martyrs", etc.). Exercise caution with any black flag that does not have the symbol of Mohammed (the "egg"); many other groups use a black flag. Also the grey hoodied guy in shadow is used a lot by all sorts of people who aren't Daesh/ISIS. 

Use in app / site reporting systems 
In iPhone select three dots to get to report option

Use in app / site reporting systems  
Others - in alphabetical order
NEW - there's an on-site FLAGGING system 
You need to be registered to use it, if not the email them at - make it easy for them / compile a bunch over time and send one email - put "archive abuse" in the subject line.
They are taking down content - I'm not sure how it's being reported - try this
TOS are here / no mention of threats or other forbidden content

Daily Motion
Use in app / site reporting system. - on iPhone look for a down ^ then click on the 🚩

use the REPORT ABUSE button (




Use their contact form



Until late November, Telegram only accepted reports re stickers and bots. - then Telegram very publicly removed large numbers of Daesh/ISIS propaganda accounts (and continues to do so) - you can use the REPORT button in channels you have joined or email the channel name and a very brief summary of the content to

This site is in Arabic - use google translate and you will see there is a "report abuse" form
This link takes you to a translated version (which may or may not work) - you will fill it out in English, then select submit, then it will appear in Arabic an dyou need to select the blue button to submit it. I went ahead and google translated my English note into Arabic and added that before submitting.  If you want them to take stuff down, best to try to make it easy.

email to

"The Client agrees not to use for the following activities: 1. Downloading, placing, emailing, sharing or any other way of publishing information that advocates terrorist propaganda, violence or displays death. In cases when We consider such information to be extremely serious, it will be reported to authorities and/or to ISP members." 
email to or via their contact page

use their abuse form (be sure to site the specific ToS the content violates - cut and paste from here )


(if you have any contact info please email me)

4SHARED - pending / TOS
3RBUP /