The "My Party" party

The "My Party" party is contemplating fielding a candidate for President for 2024. The official start of the party is anticipated to be in 2022.  Until then, it continues to be a construct via which we explore various issues.  A weekly livestream will be started again once the dash mounts stop failing.  Yes, we've invested in multiple types. Yes, they all fall down.  (see below for more info on the PartyStream)

From last year - here's where the discussions had been focused.

The "My Party" party party platform

Basic income/basic needs
       - Will create a base upon which small/mid-size business can compete with large corporations
       - Will acknowledge that the wealth of America must support a baseline quality of life for all citizens
       - Will include non-monetizable access to: housing / food / healthcare / education incl community college
       - Will include a weekly payment adjusted for local economy

General Philosophy

     - Money out of politics
     - No exploitation-friendly jobs for HATERS (actively ID and exclude people involved in hate groups (like KKK) from trust positions)
     - Real transparency
     - Real Accountability

Foreign Policy

    - Promote tolerance
    - Stand against the global subjugation of women
    - Participate in alliance efforts regarding mediation, growing local economies, providing security for peace-building efforts
    - and ?

Past discussions have included:

- delist the PKK / relist the MEK (of course there's PKK trouble again - so study this)

- "Human subjects" styled review for all products - particularly for privacy issues 

- federal contractors must abide by all laws and regulations that apply to the US govt

- federal agencies and contractors may not use private companies or foreign governments as proxies in order to circumvent US laws and regulations

- establishing Special Advisors to inform administration efforts/policy regarding 
     - prosecution of corruption via privatization 
    - re-evaluating & establishing diplomatic relationships based on current/recent human rights record 

* This is a fantasy party - kinda like fantasy football - we can pick and choose what things we like - but unlike FF we can make up totally new ideas, too.  Check back often.

Also I'll be musing on the platform on ustream - / soon to be posted on Soundcloud and YouTube...