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Net Neutrality

 - talk to people about what net neutrality means and the likely impact of "killing it" - talk to them in real life if you can - talk to co-workers and strangers - your Starbucks barista - everyone
 - call or email the FCC (Chairman Tom Wheeler / 1-888-225-5322 )
 - call or email President Obama (White House comment line 202-456-6213)
 - call or email Congressional offices (202-224-3121  - or call/visit your local office)
 - comment on news articles
 - use Social Media however you usually do when you are PISSED OFF (Remember STOP SOPA? Do that thing - whatever you did)

Watch this pretty excellent YouTube Video - Hank vs. Hank: The Net Neutrality Debate in 3 Minutes 

WOW - Commissioner JESSICA ROSENWORCEL says DELAY RULE - but this may be a tactic to reduce the impact of citizens - how many times will people come out / sign petitions / etc?

Also - Commissioner @MClyburnFCC issues support for open Internet -

 - May 7-15 - People's Firewall for Net Neutrality - at the FCC in Washington DC (May 7/8/9 and May 12/13/14/15 - actions at 11 am and 5 pm each day)
      (updated info is here - Surround the FCC / Save the Net )
      (see below for links to non-DC event links - I typically get them after the fact, though)
 - TBD - Public comment period for the Proposed Rule (be ready to comment - pretty much no matter what)

Harvard Political Review - Net Neutrality: Not Dead Yet

Popular Resistance - Save the Internet!

Some "deep background" - Moving Beyond TCP/IP / RINA


White House  

Other98 - We want net neutrality not corporate takeover (letter AND petition) 

Avaaz - Internet Apocalypse? - damn - 1,000,000 PLUS signature on this one!




LA -

please EMAIL ME with local events - knoxxgen@gmail dot com - OR tweet at me @genknoxx