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July 4th - Remember your Oath

Calling on all who have EVER sworn an Oath to uphold the Constitution to RE-TAKE their Oath every year on July 4th.

(NEW - we are considering asking all citizens to take an oath - citizens by birth never swear an oath - because it's UNDERSTOOD where your allegiance is - that you will do what has to be done to uphold the Constitution... but it might be a good idea for people to actually acknowledge that allegiance through an oath. Thoughts? email me at my gmail address: knoxxgen )
Calling on federal contractors to take a VOLUNTARY oath. Unfortunately, federal agencies use contractors to get around regulations and laws that keep them from violating people's rights. As U.S. citizens, contractor employees should not be acting against the Constitution. (Please share if you have suggestions for this oath...)
In early 2012, a friend who worked for the federal government in Washington, DC asked me to put up a page challenging her fellow Federal employees.  Shortly thereafter, she left the government, discouraged that, like so many citizens, federal employees are standing by while things go further and further awry.  Because the message of that page is about respecting the Oath and upholding the Constitution, I've moved the relevant content to a new page on this site - For Feds "We must hold ourselves to a higher standard." . (If you use the flag image, be sure to give credit - the artist was very gracious to let us use his work!)
More details to come, but we expect to use every social media platform we can to celebrate this recognition of the importance of the Constitution - with pics and videos for all.