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I love mashups and remixes. I learn about new songs/artists/DJs/producers. Because of that, I've decided to boycott artists/labels who overuse DCMA takedowns. I understand taking down exact copies of a song but doing takedowns for clips and sampling is bad business. The artists lose because fewer people learn about them. You can read about takedowns here: - that one is for Porter Robinson but there are many. The music industry needs to come up with a better business model. Seriously. 

SONGS MAY BE EXPLICIT OR REALLY OFFENSIVE - if this bothers you, don't listen to them...  New posts will be made fairly randomly... 
Here's my SoundCloud -

Search Twitter for "genknoxx soundcloud" for LOTS of music

New find! Great voice... Anna Graceman - Already Fallin (Boysenberry Edit) by Boysenberry 

PUSCIFER! - my playlist on Soundcloud 
                    - also their new album Money Shot is on YouTube
                    - i saw them in concert nov 11 2015 - if you ever have a chance, go!

The Glitch Mob (saw them in concert in 2014 - GO GO GO)
                   Our Dreams (Pair of Arrows Remix) 
                   Great extended mix
                   This is my (mainly) Glitch Mob playlist 
                   This is another Glitch Mob playlist 
                   Here's a video from the 2014 concert in DC 
                   And an all time favorite video - We Can Make the World Stop 

Shotgun ft Rochelle - Yellow Claw (saw them in concert new years eve 2014-15 - if you have a chance, go!)

Somebody that I used to know - iKendre - beautiful voice covering the song you all know (and many hate)

Break up to Make Up - Jeremih 

I Need You from 'Divergent' Soundtrack by M83 

Pop: Kwabs - Walk on Soundcloud (or video) - found this on the German Billboard Top 10 - if you are looking for new music, go there

Hip Hop:  (JAKE!) - Jake Lambo - Flexin (ft Woody)