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I'm dismayed at how heartless the USA has become, so...
My main project starting Fall 2018 
is developing the platform for the not-real "My Party" party - website is 

Issues you need to learn about that the administration is susceptible to screw up: MEK / Bill Browder 

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I live in Frederick County Maryland.  Frederick and Maryland are ready for a HUGE change.  You can help!  How?  Just research the candidates and send me interesting things ( knoxxgen at ).  Here’s a big list for now... I’ll narrow it down soon. 


Please report white nationalists and ISIS/Daesh content that you find online. 


GenKnoxxLive "Grrrrrrr" Radio
I used to broadcast lots of random stuff during my commute including some My Party chatter - archives are on ustream
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Democracy is not just about VOTING! Something you don't agree with? - contact US Senators & Representatives   



DCMediaGroup News Collective
Events I've covered:  #DCFerguson marches, Newark school closings, Climate Change rallies, Maryland Marijuana Decriminalization hearings, Russian and Ugandan Embassy protests against harsh anti-gay legislation, Amnesty International Human Rights Conference, Cori Doctorow at Busboys and Poets, Immigration Rally / US Capitol, Aaron Swartz Memorial / US Capitol, IdleNoMore Round Dances, Inauguration PowWow 2013, Marijuana Legalization Debate / Cato Institute, and more more more
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NYC Stop and Frisk Data API (not mine except to promote!)
Also by a friend: Drone Strikes in Pakistan (time lapse)

My fave Pinterest Board - Graffiti 

We did work on Video Surveillance (Intelligence) systems (including Trapwire) - if you'd like to see the archives, email me.

   GMO links (needs YOU to add links!)     "Gun Control"  /  Making Noise about Marijuana Legalization (+pinterest)
Superstorm Sandy Aftermath - New Jersey (Dec 8-9) video1 video2 12/17 global warming lesson