2018 Election - FredCo, MD

Contact and social media info are on state BOE site http://elections.state.md.us/elections/2018/primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2018_1__by_county_11.html

There are a handful of resources that provide commentary on electeds and candidates in Frederick County, Maryland.  A new site - that will include the info shared here - is in development, but it's focused on the general election (the November 6th vote) and not the primary (June 26 vote) and will hopefully go live in mid-June.

Some existing resources about Frederick politics are "local yokel" and Adam Umak's Frederick County Fact Check (facebook), the Frederick Democrats podcast, the Talking Maryland Politics blog, and the frederick podcast (facebook). Seventh State has some coverage of the local Congressional races.  Email me - knoxxgen at gmail - if you know of others!

All the candidates are listed below.

Before the primary, those that I suggested you start reading about (because they are approaching absurdity) were: Kirby Delauter, Billy Shreve, Tony Chmelik, Chuck Jenkins, Michael Hough, Danny Farrar and Dylan Diggs.

There's no need to worry about most of them anymore. Kirby Delauter, Billy Shreve, Tony Chmelik, and Dylan Diggs all lost in the primary.

Michael Hough, Danny Farrar and Chuck Jenkins are on the ballot for the General Election.  Each one is an awful choice.  There's some info in the candidate pages, but people really need to meet these guys and decide for themselves. 

I am adding Kathy Afzali who is challenging the incumbent County Executive. She is a very friendly person, but she's the wrong person to help Frederick continue on the path toward an economy of the future. Like the rest of the GOP, Hough and Afzali  see the past as a beacon towards which we should move. This is code for returning to a time of great economic disparities. They also do things that are fiscally unwise and impact disadvantaged communities, under the banner of fiscal conservatism.

Here are the candidates folks in Frederick County might see on their ballots for the General Election on November 6th.

Here are ALL the primary candidates - from the Board of Elections site. Click on their names to go to their election websites (some don't have one)

Incumbents appear in italics.

Governor/lieutenant governor

Larry Hogan/Boyd K. Rutherford (R)   coming soon - Hogan Fact Check

Rushern Baker III/Elizabeth Embry (D)

Ralph Jaffe/Freda Jaffe (D)

Ben Jealous/Susan Turnbull (D)

James Jones/Charles S. Waters (D)

Valerie Ervin/Marisol Johnson (D)

Rich Madaleno/Luwanda Jenkins (D)

Alec Ross/Julie C. Verratti (D)

Jim Shea/Brandon M. Scott (D)

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah/Sharon Y. Blake (D)


Anjali Reed Phukan (R)

Peter Franchot (D)

Attorney general

Craig Wolf (R)

Brian E. Frosh (D)

U.S. senator

Tony Campbell (R)

Chris Chaffee (R)

Evan M. Cronhardt (R)

Nnabu Eze (R)

John R. Graziani (R)

Christina J. Grigorian (R)

Albert Binyahmin Howard (R)

Bill Krehnbrink (R)

Gerald I. Smith Jr. (R)

Blaine Taylor (R)

Brian Charles Vaeth (R)

Ben Cardin (D)

Erik Jetmir (D)

Chelsea Manning (D)

Marcia H. Morgan (D)

Jerome “Jerry” Segal (D)

Richard “Rikki” Vaughn (D)

Debbie “Rica” Wilson (D)

Lih Young (D)

U.S. representative, 6th District

Kurt Elsasser (R)

Amie Hoeber (R)

Lisa Lloyd (R)

Bradley St. Rohrs (R)

Andrew Duck (D)

George English (D)

Chris Graves (D)

Nadia Hashimi (D)

Christopher Hearsey (D)

Roger Manno (D)

Aruna Miller (D)

David Trone (D)

U.S. representative, 8th District

Bridgette L. Cooper (R)

John Walsh (R)

Victor Williams (R)

Utam Paul (D)

Jamie Raskin (D)

Summer Spring (D)

State senator, 3rd District

Craig Giangrande (R)

Billy Shreve (R)

Jennifer Brannan (D)

Jennifer Dougherty (D)

Ronald Nelson Young (D)

State senator, 4th District

Michael Hough (R)

Jessica Douglass (D)

Sabrina Massett (D)

Delegate, District 3A

James Dvorak (R)

Carol Krimm (D)

Ryan Trout (D)

Karen Lewis Young (D)

Delegate, District 3B

William “Bill” Folden (R)

Ken Kerr (D)

Delegate, District 4

Barrie S. Ciliberti (R)

Dan Cox (R)

Jesse T. Pippy (R)

Ysela Bravo (D)

Lois Jarman (D)

Darrin Ryan Smith (D)

County executive

Kathy Afzali (R)

Kirby Delauter (R)

Regina M. Williams (R)

Jan H. Gardner (D)

County Council, at-large

Philip Dacey (R)

Danny Farrar (R)

Justin M. Kiska (R)

Jason Miller (R)

Galen R. Clagett (D)

Kavonte Duckett (D)

Kai John Hagen (D)

Susan Reeder Jessee (D)

Mark Long (D)

County Council, 1st District

Dylan Diggs (R)

Kevin Grubb (R)

Jerry Donald (D)

County Council, 2nd District

Tony Chmelik (R)

Steven McKay (R)

Lisa Jarosinski (D)

County Council, 3rd District

M.C. Keegan-Ayer (D)

County Council, 4th District

Jimmy Trout (R)

Jessica Fitzwater (D)

County Council, 5th District

Michael J. Blue (R)

William M. Valentine (R)

Shannon Bohrer (D)

State’s attorney

Charlie Smith (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Sandra Dalton (R)

Megan LeRoux (D)

Register of wills

Sharon Keller (R)

Melissa Atherholt (D)

Judge of the Orphans’ Court

Douglas D. Browning (R)

Gloria Lynn Lewis (R)

Mary Rolle (R)

Nate Wilson (R)

John Daniels (D)

Bonnie L. Nicholson (D)

Eugene Sheppard (D)


Chuck Jenkins (R)

Karl Bickel (D)

Board of Education

Liz Barrett

Jonah Seth Eisenberg

Marie Fischer-Wyrick

Edison Joseph Hatter

Jay Mason

April Fleming Miller

Chaz Packan

Camden Raynor

Cindy Rose

Masai M. Troutman

Kim L. Williams

Karen Yoho

Brad Young

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