Video challenge

In this space I would like to share with you a short animated video. The video is based on the scenes shown in the storyboard "The story of a little genius". The main purpose of this video is to narrate the adventures of Leonardo da Vinci as a child, in an entertaining way, and thus motivate children to learn more about the life of this artist.

In the network we can find many tools to do this type of work ( here you can take a look at some of them). I used "GoAnimate". It is a very easy tool, which has a variety of scenarios to show, as well as options. You can add music, voice and text. What I liked of it is that  characters show many different moods. 

At first, I added voice to the character, in this case, Leonardo Da Vinci, but it didn't listen very well, because I also added music, so I decided to delete it.
What I like less about this application is that the watermark is shown in the middle of the picture, because it is a free format.