Difference between genital wart and common warts

Common warts are caused by viral infection of healthy skin in a new bio. The disease more common in children and young people.
Occur in the back of the hand, saying that back, enough to edge, and A Week site. The lesion on the skin the size of the tip size to the beans meat like round or polygonal nodules, the surface has many thorn-like filaments protruding meat, dry and rough. When touch harder, a little tenderness.
The diagnosis of genital wart:

Found that genital genitalia, perianal, perineal and vaginal and other parts of the vegetation or small wart genital wart should be suspected if the wart is a single or multiple rounds of small pimple-like, papillary, cauliflower-like or cockscomb-like, rough surface, roots, pedicle, or integration into a film, basically can be identified as condyloma acuminata.
Atypical skin lesions, requires a combination of acetic acid white test. That is soaked with gauze or cotton swab dipped in 5% acetic acid solution deposited tight lesion, 2 to 5 minutes after the observation: the case of genital warts and then local to white, this is positive; pseudo-genital wart compared to negative reaction , that is, no color. If the local inflammation, they can false-positive reaction, if necessary, do pathological examination.
Link between the two:

Virus: genital wart and verruca vulgaris by human papillomavirus (hpv) caused only a different subtype.
Antibody blood test: whether those who suffer from genital wart or verruca vulgaris, in the blood can be detected in hpv antibody-positive; because the virus does not enter the blood, so blood is only presented positive antibody-positive, not positive for the virus ; virus and antibodies and sometimes do not exist (the virus disappears after a period of time, antibodies may also exist), so when the antibody-positive does not mean that the virus still exists.
Acetic acid white experiment: genital wart General acetic acid white experiment will show positive results - whitish; verruca vulgaris acetic acid white experiment generally shows the negative - the same white.

After using the 111 liniment: genital wart bear fruit apparent hardening around two days dark, shrinking, getting smaller to fall off; and common warts using the 111 liniment, it is generally no change in a small number of patients with a long periods of time (such as more than 7 days or so) may occur as layers or into the shell of the stripping phenomenon, but there is no obvious shrinkage of smaller process.
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