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Scissor Lift Rental Price

scissor lift rental price
    scissor lift
  • An aerial device or elevating work platform is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height.
  • Platform for loading cargo, containers, etc by means of cross arms jointed in the middle to take the appearance of scissors.
    rental price
  • The payment per unit time for the services of a unit of a factor of production, such as land or capital.
  • Your Rental Price is fully inclusive of weekly cleaning, linen and bathroom towels, departure clean and normal expected usage of electricity, water, oil and gas.

Looks can be deceiving
Looks can be deceiving
When we moved into this apartment we could never have imagined how painful it was going to be to live here, within these walls and amongst these people. We wouldn't have known that spending summer here would be unbearable, nor would we have known that the walls and ceilings may as well be made from razor thin paper. From my experience, as I'm hopeful that others have more positive apartment stories, apartment living is not for those whom enjoy peace and quiet, or space for that matter, and even worse, rental apartment living is not for those who seek a functional living space, because landlords don't seem to give a crap. We didn't know that we'd be woken up at three in the morning by the moans and the squeaking bed of the neighbours going at it upstairs, nor would we have known that they would have a dog who would constantly run up and down the floor boards above us. Just picture what that would sound like. Who would've thought there would be a blasting sub woofer, pumping bass into OUR apartment and our agitated bodies. And we could not have known that someone would have a novelty, painfully annoying phone ring that never stopped. Yes, we're looking for a new place to live. And NOT an apartment! I apologise for my rant. AAAHHHHHHHHHHH I feel better now!
ART RENTAL - A great way to try out an item before purchase, or create a rotating selection of work for a cafe, shop or commercial office. Check out my website portfolio to see the range of Original Paintings available NOW ! (see the SET on the right of the Flickr frontpage) Please contact me to confirm the rental pricing. Rates are based on the actual square inch size of the paintings. $25.00 a month is for approx 24" x 36" canvas ready to hang. (min 3 month) Rental price will be factored into the purchase price if you choose to purchase the painting. Delivery free from Langdale to Pender Harbour. Cash/Cheque only.

scissor lift rental price
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