Genete's 3D rig Tutorial


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Creative Commons License    The content of this webpage is under a Creative Commons license .


  • The content of this tutorial webpage (videos images and text) is licensed under the terms and conditions of the mentioned Creative Commons license.
  • The author of this tutorial is Carlos López González 
  • You can  copy, distribute and transmit the tutorial, and also make adaptations of the tutorials if you always you make mention of the author like the original creator of the tutorial and if you share the transformed work with the same license.
  • You cannot make use of this tutorial for commercial propouses.
  • Anyway the springy mechanism, the double springy mechanism and all the 3D stuff related to the  bones setup that can be learned from the reading of this tutorial is completely  free and not covered by any kind of  copyright, belong to the author of the Anime Studio file and can be used for commercial proposes.
  • This tutorial is distributed without any warranty. Use at your own risk. Any loose of information, or damage in any intellectual work that can be caused by the use of the techniques showed in this tutorial are not covered by any warranty. Use at your own risk.