Links and Notes

Welcome to our Genetic Disorders Wiki!!

Due Date: Jan 23rd

How to Make a Slideshow
  • Go to picasa and log in with your google account.
  • Create a new folder in picasa and upload images that you have found of your disorder.
  • Once you’ve done that, click on the folder so you can see the images, then on the right click “Link to this album” - click in the “Paste link in email” box and copy the link. 
  • Next go to your wiki, edit your page, and click Insert – Picasa web slideshow
  • Paste the link that you just copied into the box that comes up (where it says "Paste the URL of your PicasaWeb album."), and then click save.
Inappropriate Comments
A number of students have been posting inappropriate comments. Comments are now RESTRICTED to ONLY the wiki topic (I deleted the rest).

Students who have been uninvited from the wiki for inappropriate comments:
  • ...
Design Contest
Is the design of this site boring? Create your own design and enter it into our design contest!  To enter, sign in to Google, go to http://sites.google.com/ and create an entirely new site, then go to Site Settings - Change Appearance and design it.
The best design submitted will get to be the design of our wiki.

References + Bibliography
Everyone must have a References section AND a Bibliography section. Click here to see what I expect.