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Revised: 10/11/07


Article I. Name:

The name of the organization shall be the GENESEO GEOLOGY CLUB.

Article II.  Purpose:

Our mission as a club shall be to give all students interested in earth science and related sciences an opportunity to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of these subjects, and to promote a greater appreciation of these subjects within the college community.

Article III.  Membership:

  1. All members belonging to the organization named Geneseo Geology Club agree to uphold in the conduct of our affairs all regulations of the College and the State University of New York.
  2. Membership in the Geneseo Geology Club shall be open to all currently registered students at SUNY Geneseo.
  3. All members agree that any involvement in an organization sponsored activity is voluntary.  All members must affirm that the organization’s executive board, advisor, and the college itself are not liable for any injury that may incur during any organization activity.
  4. Any student of SUNY Geneseo professing an interest in earth science is eligible for membership in the Geneseo Geology Club.
  5. Students may become active members of the organization by attending club meetings and activities.
  6. Officers and voting members must be fee-paying students currently registered at Geneseo.

Article IV. Officers:

  1. The officers of the club shall be:
    1. President, who shall be empowered to establish such committees as are deemed necessary and shall select the committee chair and members providing there are no objections.  The president shall have the power to call special meetings.
    2. Vice President, who shall be a member of the cabinet and who shall act as presiding officer at meetings from which the president is absent.  They also assume the responsibilities of AAC Representative, who shall be a member of the Cabinet and who shall represent the Geology Club at AAC meetings.  The AAC Representative must be a geology major, and a fee-paying student.
    3. Secretary, who shall be a member of the cabinet and who shall be in charge of all correspondence, and the recording of minutes of club and department meetings.
    4. Treasurer, who shall be a member of the cabinet and who shall be in charge of all financial records.  The treasurer shall execute the duties of this office in accordance with the regulations of the Student Senate

Article V. Elections:

  1. Only full-time, fee paying students may serve as officers.
  2. Eligible students may nominate themselves for election to any position within the club.
  3. Election of officers shall take place at the last meeting of each academic year.
  4. Election of officers shall be determined by anonymous ballot.

Article VI. Advisor:

  1. The Advisor for the club shall be chosen at the first meeting of the year by unanimous agreement of club officers.
  2. The Advisor shall be a member of the college community with a strong background in the Geological Sciences.
  3. The Advisor shall have no voting rights, but shall have veto power for events or activities that directly violate College policy.

Article VII. Meetings

  1. Meetings are to be held at a time set at the first meeting of each semester.  The President or Club Advisor may call special meetings at any time.
  2. All members of Geology Club shall be notified via e-mail of club meeting dates and times at the beginning of the semester

Article VIII. Finances

  1. The Treasurer shall be in charge of handling the budget.
  2. Funds shall be deposited in a club bank account

Article IX. Amendments

  1. There shall be a standing committee comprised of 2/3 of the active membership.
  2. Amendments to the constitution shall be done with 2/3 vote of standing committee at any regular meetings.