The Lifelong Learning Curriculum Transformation Project

The Integrative Knowledge Collaborative is currently beginning a three year Lifelong Learning

 Curriculum Transformation Project, funded by FIPSE. The goals of the Lifelong Learning Curriculum Transformation Project are to:
  • Facilitate the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process and Generative Knowledge Interviewing;
  • Identify and share best practices and innovation across a wide-array discipline groups institutions, curricula, courses and programs;
  • Create a globally accessible gallery of exemplar Integrative Knowledge Portfolios that illustrate lifelong learning, leadership development and extraordinary practice;
  • Develop learning environments that support learners in “owning” their learning, as well as discovering & demonstrating the knowledge & skills they’ve gained from all areas of life.
  • Support diverse learners in translating academic knowledge to real-life contexts, identifying their sources of inspiration & engagement, and developing professional digital identities.
  • Collaborate with educators and scholars to create and share best practices relating to authentic, integrative and Lifelong learning
  • Create Assessment Tools and approaches that make all forms of knowledge and learning visible
  • Advance a National Movement re: Authentic, Integrative & Lifelong learning
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