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Want List

Originals Preferred, Dub Tape + Xerox photocopy / CDr Accepted

Please Contact:

Will Update Soon.

Tapes Wanted:

Abort/Abgas - Split Tape (Switzerland)
Caos – Caos O Democracia Demo (Chile)
Corporate Whores – Demo (Want Original Only)
Discolokosst/Missing Link - Split Tape (Switzerland)
Escrementos - Demo (Spain)
Harass - Demo (Sweden) (No Cover Needed)
Insurrection - Demo (Uruguay)
Plasmid - Demo (U.K.) (Want Original Only)
Psycho Sin - Evil Seeks Sanctuary Tape (U.S.A.)
R.C. - Demo (Airburst Prod.) (U.S.A.)
Sekunda - Demo With Cover (Finland)
Sorex - Never Forget Demo (U.S.A.)

Xylum - Demo/Live (U.K.)
V.A. - Fetvadd - Compilations Tapes (Fetvadd Fanzine)
V.A. - Holidays In The World Tape
V.A. - Deleted Funtime (U.K.)
V.A. - Tour De Farce #2 (With 100 Page Booklet)

Hackney, U.K. Live Recordings: Sons Of Bad Breath, Poison,
Eat Shit, Blower, Grinder, Goatsbreath & The Camel Cocks

Japanese Tapes Wanted:

Chiba City Demos: The Splash, KKK, Boryoku Shudan X,
Margarets, Knuckle, Grasp, Soltic.

Osaka Area Demos: Die Öwan - Demos + 7” Ep
Chaos C.H. - Drink Beer Or Die, Jhonio 47 - Demos 1 And 2

Kyushu Punk Demos & Live Recording: Curse, Damos, Derange,
Disclim, Goddess,
悪性ビールス,  Last Child, Slicks, Etc.

Niigata City Demos: Cry, Frequent, Rustic Top
Dogs, Disarm, Toxoplasma - 10 Track Demo (Toxovomit)

Shizuoka City Demos: Neurose demo cover only, Mental, Drug,
Steel, Vryker, Stifle Roam, Semetery Demos 1-3 covers only,
Sugar, Raid, Out Rage, Swastika Demo 1, Lavatory,
Disaster Demo cover only, Dis Pad, Bloody, Etc.

Tokyo Hardcore Demos & Live Recording: Accomplice, Geshpenst,
Blaze, Ouda, Gun Dog Guerrilla, Pinocchio, No!, Rags Conclude,
G.I.S.M. - late 80's - Early 90's live and videos, Blastcore
Detonator footage, etc. Eggs - Demo, Killing Noise - Demo (Pre-GJPB)
Kyouaku Kyoujin Dan Demos ’82 - ’88
Hanaji / Jail “Violence Panik” Split Tape - TOP WANT!

Toyama / Hokuriku Area Demos: Disgust - Demo 1, Head Ache,
Shit, Swung Dash - Demo or live,

Other Japanese HC Tapes:

Forswear, Battle Attacker, Bleedeath Knife,
V.A. - Kitakyushu Punks On The Run Tape
V.A. - Museum Records Compilation Vol. 1 & 3
V.A. - SEX Records Omnibus Tapes (Hiroshima)
V.A. - The Worst Has Come To Puss (Niigata)
V.A. - Toyohashi City Hardcore Tape

Records Wanted: 

Abgas - 2x 7”
Agonia LP (Italy)
Astronauts - It’s All Done By Mirrors LP
Chemotherapy 7”
Cyanamid - Stop The World 7” (Still Need Insert)
 Damned - Dodgy Demo 7” (with cover)
Discharge - Live In Preston 7”
Shitlickers 7”
V.A. - Collection Privée 7”
V.A. - Now Hits! Rock’n’Roll Boogie 2LP
V.A. - Shoot The Hostages LP

Looking For Photocopies Of Nueva Fuerza Fanzine (Colombia), …Years On Fanzine (Uk), Early Raising Hell Fanzine Issues (Uk), Final Curtain Fanzine Issues, Early 80’s Uk Fanzines
Want To Buy Or Trade For Original Copy Of “Gig’’ Photobook By Gin Satoh, Im Always Looking For Live Audio Or Video, Fanzines, Photos, And Fliers Of These Bands: Discharge (Uk) Wretched (Italy) Crucifix (Usa), Confuse (Japan), Gai (Japan), Iconoclast (Usa), Gloom (Japan), Disclose ( Japan), Death Side (Japan) Lip Cream, (Japan), Gauze (Japan), Cruck (Japan), Geshpenst (Japan) Accomplice (Japan), Final Noise Attack Gig Fliers, Burning Spirits Gig Fliers, Abykyokan Fliers, 80’s Hc Fliers.

Other Items Wanted (originals only):

Original Damned New Rose Poster
Original Damned Posters ’76-’85
GIG - Photobook by Gin Satoh
Final Curtain Fanzines
Early Raising Hell Fanzines
Original Poison Idea T-Shirts
Bloody Soda - Blood Curdling CD

Collecting Words Of Wisdom:

"It Never Ends" B/W "There's Always A Demo" ~ Zach Howard 2012