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posted Feb 1, 2015, 12:11 PM by Thomas Mayhugh
After a long deliberation I have decided that I will likely stop, at least temporarily, the printed version of General Speech Fanzine. As much as I enjoy, and would like to continue doing the fanzine it is no longer rewarding in the way it once was. Ultimately the zine was, and still will be done for mostly self serving reasons. As selfish as that may sound, you will find that many fanzines are done for at least some small self serving reasons, whether it is a paper outlet for an inflated ego, a way to further grow one's personal connections and network, to make a profit, or to get records for review, they are all a little self serving, but none of those being the aspirations I had. My focus for the fanzine was partly to expose underground music to others, share information, stimulate dialog and build relationships of some sort between myself and the readers in hopes that I may be able to gather as much knowledge as possible from those who were interested in participating in such dialog, and relationships, and of course crossing some items off my Want List along the way. 

Sadly that dialog I had hoped for never occurred, but found that I was gleaning more and more of the types of information I desired from online sources, social networking sites, and getting contacts through this web page based solely off of a few obscure band mentionings on this website that I've had hosting my want list for the last couple years. It seemed backwards, and not the way I wanted the punk community to function, but I decided that since my main motivations were always to expand my own knowledge and engage in dialog about HC punk with others, that it was time to switch over to a better method of doing that which more easily enables communication, even if it meant abandoning the paper zine format.   

I can't guarantee how frequently this site will be updated, but I plan to feature many of the same types of content here that were featured in the printed fanzine.  

Label News!

G-Gas - Generation Gas LP is at the plant right now. Check out a sample here: