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Felchers LP, Psycho Sin 7" and Final Magazine + Patterned Abuse CD Boxset

posted May 22, 2019, 3:56 PM by Thomas Mayhugh
3 New releases have just hit the webstore. Here's the info below. Both the vinyl releases have sample audio clips.

Felchers - Self Titled LP

Debut LP from this fantastic Midwest punk group who have been operating with a relatively low profile pumping out this fantastic batch of songs. Felchers brings us sounds reminiscent of the nascent hardcore punk era, where bands still flirted somewhere between the more traditional punk, and emerging hardcore sounds. A rarity in today’s punk scene where bands commonly steer away from their punk roots in favor of a full on hardcore sound. Catchy hooks, fantastic bass lines, a madman vocalist, and irreverent lyrics will appeal to fans of 80’s classics and KBD punk like Zero Boys, The Crucifucks, Angry Samoans, etc. Mailorder copies come with an 11x17 poster insert, and a Felchers Badge.

Final Magazine + Patterned Abuse CD Boxset

Archival reproduction of this 80’s Lexington punk and hardcore fanzine, reproduced from the original master pages, for even better photo quality than the 80’s originals. Almost 300 pages featuring Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati bands such as Active Ingredients, The C.A.’s, EAF, Decembers Children, Ministry of Truth, Sluggo, Squirrelbait, etc. as well as interviews, art, photos, record and live music reviews, and coverage of national touring bands, from the likes of Black Flag, 7 Seconds, Husker Du, Necros, and more.

This box set also includes a CD copy of “Patterned Abuse”, a compilation album originally slated for release in the mid 80’s to document the sound of the underground in Lexington during that time, and sat unreleased for almost 35 years. Now available to the public for the first time ever. 38 historic tracks from Joe Coleman, Active Ingredients, Slumlords, C.A.’s, Ministry of Truth, Klownskull, Genetic Failures, Richard Nixon, December’s Children, Seeds of Power, and Shit For Brains.

Psycho Sin - You Axed For It 7"

Official reissue of this cult New Jersey hardcore classic. Possibly one of the most extreme, depraved and creative hardcore records of it's time. It pushed the boundaries of punk, incorporating beat poetry and radical politics, delivered with extreme rage by an ex-marine who came back from the war in Grenada, disillusioned with government, and society, and set to hyper speed raw noisy thrash. Repress limited to just 200 copies, with only 50 copies available exclusively through General Speech with the much sought after "Jerry Garcia" sleeve variation and rare lyric sheet.