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100 Swindle - For Survival Punx 7" & Gaizin 7" Official Reissue

posted Nov 16, 2018, 6:41 PM by Thomas Mayhugh   [ updated Nov 16, 2018, 6:41 PM ]
2 new releases!! and a new webstore too!

100 Swindle - For Survival Punx 7"

Fantastic debut EP from this band of 80's and 90's Japanese hardcore
scene veterans. 100 Swindle has succeeded where even many modern
Japanese bands have fallen short in recent years at reviving the
meaningful, and impactful 90's Japanese hardcore style.  A sound that
has become well revered, loved by many, and if you are a fan as well,
you will no doubt enjoy the familiar structure and epic leads of  a
classic hardcore style that 100 Swindle is making sure is not
forgotten in Japan. 330 copies pressed. 100 limited mailorder version while they last.

Gaizin - Gaizin 7" 

SPEED AND NOISE! The rallying cry of this hardcore band from Sapporo
Japan who existed from 1985 to 1988. Gaizin brought forth a unique
sound which could only have come out of the mid to late 80's Japanese
hardcore scene. Influenced by the trademark raw and abrasive sound of
the early wave of Japanese hardcore bands like Gai and Confuse,
excellent bands from their hometown like Tranquilizer, G-Gas, and
Napalm, but also the current wave of UK thrash bands like Heresy and
Ripcord who along with so many of their countrymen were both turning
up the speed on hardcore. This 7" serves as an excellent document of
the band's history compiling the best tracks from their extremely
scarce tape releases, as well as unreleased studio tracks. 330 copies
pressed on black vinyl with 80's Japanese style fold out EP jacket.

Listen to both here: