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Felchers LP, Psycho Sin 7" and Final Magazine + Patterned Abuse CD Boxset

posted May 22, 2019, 3:56 PM by Thomas Mayhugh

3 New releases have just hit the webstore. Here's the info below. Both the vinyl releases have sample audio clips.

Felchers - Self Titled LP

Debut LP from this fantastic Midwest punk group who have been operating with a relatively low profile pumping out this fantastic batch of songs. Felchers brings us sounds reminiscent of the nascent hardcore punk era, where bands still flirted somewhere between the more traditional punk, and emerging hardcore sounds. A rarity in today’s punk scene where bands commonly steer away from their punk roots in favor of a full on hardcore sound. Catchy hooks, fantastic bass lines, a madman vocalist, and irreverent lyrics will appeal to fans of 80’s classics and KBD punk like Zero Boys, The Crucifucks, Angry Samoans, etc. Mailorder copies come with an 11x17 poster insert, and a Felchers Badge.

Final Magazine + Patterned Abuse CD Boxset

Archival reproduction of this 80’s Lexington punk and hardcore fanzine, reproduced from the original master pages, for even better photo quality than the 80’s originals. Almost 300 pages featuring Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati bands such as Active Ingredients, The C.A.’s, EAF, Decembers Children, Ministry of Truth, Sluggo, Squirrelbait, etc. as well as interviews, art, photos, record and live music reviews, and coverage of national touring bands, from the likes of Black Flag, 7 Seconds, Husker Du, Necros, and more.

This box set also includes a CD copy of “Patterned Abuse”, a compilation album originally slated for release in the mid 80’s to document the sound of the underground in Lexington during that time, and sat unreleased for almost 35 years. Now available to the public for the first time ever. 38 historic tracks from Joe Coleman, Active Ingredients, Slumlords, C.A.’s, Ministry of Truth, Klownskull, Genetic Failures, Richard Nixon, December’s Children, Seeds of Power, and Shit For Brains.

Psycho Sin - You Axed For It 7"

Official reissue of this cult New Jersey hardcore classic. Possibly one of the most extreme, depraved and creative hardcore records of it's time. It pushed the boundaries of punk, incorporating beat poetry and radical politics, delivered with extreme rage by an ex-marine who came back from the war in Grenada, disillusioned with government, and society, and set to hyper speed raw noisy thrash. Repress limited to just 200 copies, with only 50 copies available exclusively through General Speech with the much sought after "Jerry Garcia" sleeve variation and rare lyric sheet.

100 Swindle - For Survival Punx 7" & Gaizin 7" Official Reissue

posted Nov 16, 2018, 6:41 PM by Thomas Mayhugh   [ updated Nov 16, 2018, 6:41 PM ]

2 new releases!! and a new webstore too!

100 Swindle - For Survival Punx 7"

Fantastic debut EP from this band of 80's and 90's Japanese hardcore
scene veterans. 100 Swindle has succeeded where even many modern
Japanese bands have fallen short in recent years at reviving the
meaningful, and impactful 90's Japanese hardcore style.  A sound that
has become well revered, loved by many, and if you are a fan as well,
you will no doubt enjoy the familiar structure and epic leads of  a
classic hardcore style that 100 Swindle is making sure is not
forgotten in Japan. 330 copies pressed. 100 limited mailorder version while they last.

Gaizin - Gaizin 7" 

SPEED AND NOISE! The rallying cry of this hardcore band from Sapporo
Japan who existed from 1985 to 1988. Gaizin brought forth a unique
sound which could only have come out of the mid to late 80's Japanese
hardcore scene. Influenced by the trademark raw and abrasive sound of
the early wave of Japanese hardcore bands like Gai and Confuse,
excellent bands from their hometown like Tranquilizer, G-Gas, and
Napalm, but also the current wave of UK thrash bands like Heresy and
Ripcord who along with so many of their countrymen were both turning
up the speed on hardcore. This 7" serves as an excellent document of
the band's history compiling the best tracks from their extremely
scarce tape releases, as well as unreleased studio tracks. 330 copies
pressed on black vinyl with 80's Japanese style fold out EP jacket.

Listen to both here:

Azok - S.A.P.N.P. 7"

posted Nov 30, 2016, 10:23 AM by Thomas Mayhugh

The Azok 7" is SOLD OUT. It came and went faster than I could even get a news post added here on the site. I keep getting questions about the pressing information, so I've added it here: Info + Webstore

New Release - Soul Craft - The Legacy 7" EP + CD

posted Mar 13, 2016, 3:06 PM by Thomas Mayhugh

Long awaited! 5 fresh tracks of traditional Japanese Hardcore from Soul Craft, who have been the HC stalwarts of Kumamoto City, Japan for the last 17 years. This is their first full EP in 10 years since their Reverse Sorrow release on Bloodsucker in 2005, and it does not disappoint! Pro CD + 7"
Take a listen here:

New Releases! G-Gas LP and Psycho Sin LP + CD

posted Dec 21, 2015, 6:31 AM by Thomas Mayhugh   [ updated Dec 21, 2015, 6:33 AM ]

New releases by G-Gas and Psycho Sin are now available in the Webstore here: GENERAL SPEECH WEBSTORE

Here's the info:

G-Gas - Generation Gas LP

Unreleased studio and live recordings from 1984 by this chaotic hardcore band from Sapporo, Japan featuring members of L.S.D. and Tranquilizer finally sees the light of day.  Official reissue by General Speech and Not Very Nice. Liner notes by Yasushi (Napalm)
Listen to a sample here:

Psycho Sin - Forward To The Caves LP + CD

Classic New Jersey Hardcore! A sought after piece finally available again, complete with the original paste on covers. Includes a booklet and bonus CD with the classic LP and EP tracks, along with 50 other rare tracks never before available on CD. 73 tracks total! + Label News

posted Feb 1, 2015, 12:11 PM by Thomas Mayhugh

After a long deliberation I have decided that I will likely stop, at least temporarily, the printed version of General Speech Fanzine. As much as I enjoy, and would like to continue doing the fanzine it is no longer rewarding in the way it once was. Ultimately the zine was, and still will be done for mostly self serving reasons. As selfish as that may sound, you will find that many fanzines are done for at least some small self serving reasons, whether it is a paper outlet for an inflated ego, a way to further grow one's personal connections and network, to make a profit, or to get records for review, they are all a little self serving, but none of those being the aspirations I had. My focus for the fanzine was partly to expose underground music to others, share information, stimulate dialog and build relationships of some sort between myself and the readers in hopes that I may be able to gather as much knowledge as possible from those who were interested in participating in such dialog, and relationships, and of course crossing some items off my Want List along the way. 

Sadly that dialog I had hoped for never occurred, but found that I was gleaning more and more of the types of information I desired from online sources, social networking sites, and getting contacts through this web page based solely off of a few obscure band mentionings on this website that I've had hosting my want list for the last couple years. It seemed backwards, and not the way I wanted the punk community to function, but I decided that since my main motivations were always to expand my own knowledge and engage in dialog about HC punk with others, that it was time to switch over to a better method of doing that which more easily enables communication, even if it meant abandoning the paper zine format.   

I can't guarantee how frequently this site will be updated, but I plan to feature many of the same types of content here that were featured in the printed fanzine.  

Label News!

G-Gas - Generation Gas LP is at the plant right now. Check out a sample here:

Aborticidio EP out Now!

posted Aug 11, 2014, 8:56 PM by Thomas Mayhugh

Raw Hardcore from Mexico City. Classic sound of late 80's and early 90's Mexican punk with some influence from 80's japanese punk song writing arrangements. Think Masacre 68, MELI, Kagada De Perro, Herejia meets GAI. Lim. 250 copies.

Check out a sample here:

Confront - Trace ~ Early Years Selection LP + Zine update

posted Apr 4, 2014, 7:16 AM by Thomas Mayhugh

Confront – Trace ~ Early Years Selection LP

Hardcore Punk from Mie City steeped in the traditional Japanese Hardcore style which is so known for great riffs, blazing solos, and catchy gang choruses you will shouting after the first listen. This LP houses a collection of Confront's best tracks compiled from self released CD's and compilations, completely remastered for this release. 500 Pressed

Check out a sample here:

All new orders of General Speech released LP’s will receive a free copy of General Speech Fanzine when ordered through the webstore. If you want a specific issue, then leave me a note when you check out.

I’ve also put together a package with reduced price if people what to pick up everything currently available on General Speech so check the webstore here:


Free Issues Available:

 General Speech Fanzine vol. 5 – Features interviews with Honge Honge (Japan), Criaturas (USA), Kremlin (Canada), and Fracaso (Venezuela) + Reviews and more. 20 pages

 General Speech Fanzine vol. 6 - Features interviews with Nishiwaki of Discrete Records, (Japan) and Terveet Kadet (Finland) + reviews, photos, and more. 20 pages

 General Speech Fanzine vol. 7 – Features interviews with DiE (UK), History article on Deef and 80’s Sapporo Hardcore, and more writing on Discrete Records + More. 20 pages

General Speech Vol. 8 is coming out next month and will feature some interviews with Psycho Sin and Stewducts!!

Manbiki Chocolate LP available!

posted May 8, 2013, 9:20 PM by Thomas Mayhugh

The Manbiki chocolate LP is available for mailorder through the webshop along with some other cool distro items.  The first 30 mailorders willl come with a free copy of General Speech fanzine #5 which includes interviews with Kremlin, Criaturas, and Honge Honge.  Otherwise the zine is available for trade only.  General Speech is also putting together Anachronistic Hardcore Assembly, ann international fanzine omnibus with 10 zine editors from all over the world. this is nearing completion and should be available soon.


posted Jan 31, 2013, 8:00 AM by Thomas Mayhugh

I updated the want list.

Manbiki Chocolate LP covers look great! vinyl is coming soon, booklets are nearing completion!

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