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General Speech No. 1
Interviews with Death Side (Japan) & Inservibles (Mexico)
 2011125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 2Interviews with No Fucker (USA) & Death Dust Extractor (Japan)
 2011125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 3Interviews with The Decay (Switzerland) & Bellicose Minds (USA)
 2012125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 4Interviews with Teargas (Australia) & Dishonorable Discharge (Norway)
 2012125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 5Interviews with Honゲ² (Japan), Kremlin (Canada), Criaturas (USA), & Fracaso (Venezuela)
 2013125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 6Interviews with Terveet Kadet (Finland) & Nishiwaki of Discrete Records (Japan)
 2013125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 7
Deef, and 80's Sapporo City HC Article, Discrete Records Recommends
 2013125 Printed, Free
General Speech No. 8Interviews with Stewducts (South Korea), Psycho Sin (USA)
 2014125 Printed, Free
General Speech Omnibus No. 1Omnibus of content from issues 1-4 sans reviews, and with updated label info.
 2012Approx. 450 Printed.
General Speech Omnibus No. 2Omnibus of content from issues  5-8 sans reviews, and with updated label info.  2014Approx. 450 Printed.
Hardcore Anachronistic Assembly Vol. 1
Interviews with Scapegoats (Germany), Chaoschannel (Japan), Cleansing Wave (USA), Live reviews, Movie Reviews, Comics, Punk News, Japanese Tour Tips from So Hardcore Survives, Euro Tour Tips from Remi (Hondartzako Hondakinak), Photos, and more
 2014Approx. 500 printed?   

Lexington Lost Boxset 1980-1983

All 12 issues are housed in a hand made slip cover box set. Contents includes interviews, photos, histories, live gig reviews, record reviews, and columns covering Kentucky bands such as Active Ingredients, Babylon Dance Band, Blinders, Chinese, Endtables, Insurgents, No Excuse, Plastic Fangs, Red Interiors, Skull Of Glee, Synthetics, The Electric Company, The N, Thrusters, Users, Vale of Tears, Your Food, and more.

Non-Kentucky content includes live reviews and writing on The Clash, Ramones, Boomtown Rats, The Beatles, T-Rex, The Kinks, Flipper, Dementia Precox, Ama-Dots, Erector Set, X (LA), Fleshtones, The Jam, REM, English Beat, Talking Heads, and many more.

 Includes "Lost Films" bonus DVD featuring some of the earliest footage from Lexington punk and hardcore live gigs. The DVD includes footage of Active Ingredients, Chinese, Dementia Precox (Dayton, OH), Thrusters, and Red Interiors.

 2016 60 Printed
General Speech No. 9Interviews with Confuse (Japan), Suburban Filth (UK), Sadist (USA), Unwanted Christmas Presents (USA), Live Tape Reviews, Photos, and more 2017850 Printed  
Final Magazine + Patterned Abuse CD Boxset
All 11 issues are housed in a hand made slip cover box set. Contents include Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati bands such as Active Ingredients, The C.A.’s, EAF, Decembers Children, Ministry of Truth, Sluggo, Squirrelbait, etc. as well as interviews, art, photos, record and live music reviews, and coverage of national touring bands, from the likes of Black Flag, 7 Seconds, Husker Du, Necros, and more.

This box set also includes a CD copy of “Patterned Abuse”, a compilation album originally slated for release in the mid 80’s to document the sound of the underground in Lexington during that time, and sat unreleased for almost 35 years. Now available to the public for the first time ever. 38 historic tracks from Joe Coleman, Active Ingredients, Slumlords, C.A.’s, Ministry of Truth, Klownskull, Genetic Failures, Richard Nixon, December’s Children, Seeds of Power, and Shit For Brains.

The Curtain Of An Intense Attack EP
20121000 Pressed, All Black Vinyl
 GS-02The Decay
Tonight, (Back From the Death) EP
2012500 Pressed, 400 Black, 50 Green, 50 Purple
 GS-03Manbiki Chocolate
Super Dimensional Hardcore LP
20131000 Pressed, All Black Vinyl
 GS-04Hysteria Ward
From Breakfast To Madness LP
2013500 Pressed, 400 Black, 100 Coke Bottle Clear
 GS-05ConfrontTrace ~ Early Years Selection LP
2014500 Pressed, All Black Vinyl
Generation Gas LP
1000 Pressed, All Black Vinyl
Self Titled EP
250 Pressed, All Black Vinyl, Multiple Cover art, and label variations
 GS-08Soul Craft
The Legacy EP
2016500 Pressed, All Black Vinyl with CD 30 limited covers in various colors.
 GS-09Psycho Sin
Forward To The Caves LP + CD
2015500 Pressed, All Black Vinyl with CD, Some cover and insert variations 50 limited cover copies.
2016245 Pressed, Approx 85 Black Vinyl (25 limited versions with metallic foil stamped cover) (Approx 50 with red sleeve), Approx 75 clear purple vinyl, Approx 80 Clear Pink vinyl. 
Gaizin EP
2018330 Pressed, All Black Vinyl with fold out Japanese style EP jacket. No limited version.
 GS-14100 Swindle
For Survival Punx EP
2018330 Pressed. 100 Red Vinyl in limited cover, rest black vinyl with regular cover
Felchers EP