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Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 1 - Confuse - Unreleased EP? and The Desire For More Complete Confuse Recording Session Information

posted Feb 2, 2015, 8:22 AM by Thomas Mayhugh   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 8:23 AM ]

One of the mysteries bugging me on the Confuse Chronological History Time Line is the inclusion of the advertisement here which was printed in Doll Magazine No. 29, and released in October of 1985.

The advertisement is from the 自殺レーベル (Jisatsu Label) in Hiroshima. The label run by Gas, and who aside from their own records, released some excellent records like the 自我 (Jiga) 7" Flexi, and the 自殺オムニバス (Jisatsu Omnibus) 8". Hiroshima was the closest major city to the southern island of Kyushu where Confuse resided, so it's no surprise that there was a relationship between bands from Kyushu island and Hiroshima, and documentation of bands trading gigs in those areas.

Here is what we know is concrete:

Confuse is listed as having a forthcoming 17cm EP (7" EP) that the label is planning to release in September 1985. (obviously this ad was delayed by Doll, but by how long we don't know)

Confuse records 1985.08.20 at Fuchigami Studios for the tracks that would become the Contempt For The Authority and Take Off The Lie 7". 2 months prior to this ad's publication, and one month prior to the planned September release.

Confuse released the Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie 7" at some point in late 1985. (When exactly is something I'm currently searching for)

The Moo* 7" was still listed in a Jisatsu Label news flier included in some copies of the 1986 release of Gas's Sweet Emotion 12" but mentions of the Merry Go Round 7" Flexi, and Confuse 7" are no longer present, indicating that they had been cancelled.

Here are the questions that can be pondered if the brain is allowed to run wild with the confirmed information above:

Does the August Confuse recording date possibly mean that Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie 7" could have been released on Jisatsu Label?
Or was this another record entirely?

Is it a possibility that the 1985.08.20 recording session was also the source of the Spending Loud Night 7" tracks?
The Spending Loud Night 7" lists the recording on 1983.08.20, the same exact month and date, but the year is listed as 1983, which has been confirmed as a definite typographical error, being that the bands formation was not until December of 1983.
If Jisatsu Label had cancelled a 7" on Confuse, then hypothetically could that have been the reason those extra session tracks remained unreleased until later in 1987 and then eventually making up the Spending Loud Night 7"? This theory is one one which in my opinion is the most logical, or plausible.

Or is there an even farther out possibility that this slated EP was entirely different and was never recorded at all, or even more exciting, and equally as horrifying to the maniac collector, could it have been recorded, but still remains unreleased?

Or is this all just one big elaborate conspiracy to drive a small fraction of fans and collectors insane?
What are your thoughts on the matter?

*Moo are an excellent early Hiroshima HC band who had tracks on the Hiroshima Street Punks Vol. 1 and 2 tapes, which are definitely worth checking out.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Tommy Wood for help translating some of text in this advertisement.