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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Airfare
    1. Conference paid airfare for current and retired pastors
    2. Conference paid airfare for local church delegate(s)
    3. Airfare for alternate delegates will not be reimbursed by Conference 
    4. All airfare reimbursement requests are to be mailed or emailed directly to Faye Tamakawa, conference treasurer, along with a copy of the paid airfare receipt. Airfare reimbursement requests may be submitted either prior to or at the General Conference. (download 2008 General Conference Expense Reimbursement Form. See Below). 
    Requests for airfare reimbursement must be received by Faye Tamakawa no later than July 1, 2008. After July 1, reimbursement requests will be processed only at the General Conference. 
      • Private Automobile (carpooling is encouraged)
              1. $125.00 flat rate round trip between Northern California & LA
              2. $75.00 flat rate round trip between San Diego & LA 
              3. $150.00 flat rate round trip between Arizona & LA
              4. No reimbursements for automobile travel within Southern California area 
              5. No reimbursements for auto rentals or other forms of transportation.
              6. No reimbursement for USC parking fees  

      Reimbursements for automobile travel are to be submitted on the 2008 General Conference Expense Reimbursement Request Form (see below) to Faye Tamakawa at the General Conference

      • Housing 

      Home stays provided by local church families are preferred to minimize costs

      Limited dormitory style housing is available at the USC campus on a first come, first served basis. The daily cost of USC campus housing will be shared – 1/3 by pastor/delegate; 1/3 local church and 1/3 by OMS Holiness Conference.

        • Dormitory housing payments

      Delegate(s) and/or Pastor(s) electing to stay at the USC campus housing are to reimburse their 1/3 share of the housing cost directly to their local church. The local church will forward this amount plus its 1/3 share at the time of the General Conference (or soon thereafter)

        • Hotel/Motel expenses are not reimbursable


      •  Meals

      Prepaid meal cards for a designated USC campus dining room will be issued for all pastors, delegates and special guests. All others desiring to eat meals with conferees will be personally charged at the posted meal rates for conferees, plus the initial cost of a meal card and shall reimburse 100% of these costs to their local church.


      Reimbursement Forms can be found Here